VADM William GortneyVADM William Gortney speaks at IWP's 15th Annual Pearl Harbor Day Dinner

On Friday, December 3, 2010, IWP held its Fifteenth Annual Pearl Harbor Day Dinner. Rear Admiral David N. Rogers, USN (Ret) chaired the dinner, and Vice Admiral William E. Gortney, USN, Director of the Joint Staff, gave the keynote address.

Mass Media and World Politics to be offered in the spring semester

IWP focuses on teaching all the instruments of national power - and mass media has been increasingly useful as one of these instruments during the past century. This is why IWP Professor Lee Edwards, Distinguished Fellow at The Heritage Foundation and Chairman of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, will be offering his class on Mass Media and World Politics after a hiatus of several years.

Meet IWP supporter Laura Genero

IWP supporters understand the fact that we live in a dangerous world with a need to defend ourselves and that war should be avoided to the greatest extent possible through the use of all the instruments of statecraft. How do our supporters come to this realization? Some of them have attended IWP. Some have educated themselves in these topics. Some have had much professional experience in the field of international affairs. Take the case of Laura Genero... (continue reading)

Meet former IWP JIIM Intern MAJ Terry Parisher, US Army (Ret)

Many in the IWP community know that the Institute owes a lot to its young interns - they do outstanding work answering phones, helping our professors with research projects, and providing support to IWP's administrative offices. Not as many, however, know that IWP is also eligible to host a completely different level of intern - Joint Interagency, International, Multinational (JIIM) interns assigned to the Institute by the U.S. Army. 

Amb. April Foley discusses "Central Europe: Cutting Loose from the Soviet Lega

On December 9, Ambassador April Foley discussed "Central Europe: Cutting Loose from the Soviet Legacy." The lecture was a part of IWP's Center for Culture and Security's Ambassadors Forum.

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Daniel Acheson

Daniel Acheson
Class of 2012
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Upcoming Events at IWP

Open House for Prospective Students
Friday, January 14
5:30 PM

Lecture on medical diplomacy with Don Arthur, MD, 35th Surgeon General, US Navy
Friday, January 28
6:00 PM

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