Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

This past month, we have seen a national election in our own country, an ongoing crisis in the East China Sea, the conflict between Israel and Gaza, unfolding information about the murder of a U.S. ambassador, and scandal in our own national security community. Our nation continues to face many challenges from abroad, few of which are easy to address.

Here at The Institute of World Politics, we believe that this country is worth protecting. The founding principles of America which our students study have resulted in extraordinary freedom and prosperity.

But our system of government also allows for rapid political turnover, and this, as Winston Churchill explained, makes it difficult for our leaders to conduct a consistent foreign policy for any more than five years at a time. This, to a large extent, is a challenge for strategic thinking - where the truly long-term national interest can be pursued regardless of which party controls the executive branch.

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Russian language immersion program inspires IWP student

When IWP student Nicholas received an email from Jason Johnsrud, Vice President for Student Affairs, about an opportunity to participate in a language immersion program abroad, he immediately got on board. "There are things you can't learn inside the classroom," Nicholas remarks.  

Students and Professors

IWP students continue to volunteer for veterans  

IWP student participates in Young Leaders Conference in Switzerland

Prof. Gene Poteat discusses "Why the Cuban Missile Crisis?"

The dangerous truth about communist crimes: Dr. Chodakiewicz reviews David Satter's new book

Dr. Chodakiewicz discusses Western Civilization  

"The Cuban-American Vote" by Tania Mastrapa

The Intermarium: Common history, open future - Dr. Chodakiewicz addresses the Polish American Congress of Southern California on Central and Eastern Europe

"Why Katyn matters" by Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz


Find IWP on Soundcloud AUDIO: Andrei Illarionov discusses "Is Russia a Major Threat to America?" at IWP  

Find IWP on Soundcloud AUDIO: Dr. Samuel Liles discusses "Cyber as a Form of National Power" 

Find IWP on Soundcloud AUDIO: IWP hosts foreign affairs symposium  

Find IWP on Soundcloud AUDIO: COL Larry M. Wortzel discusses "Military Strategy and China Today"

The Fifth Annual Kosciuszko Chair Conference is held at IWP  

Kosciuszko Chair hosts discussion of "Armenia: Past, Present, and Future" 

TRANSCRIPT: Foreign Spies and the US Response: A Brian Kelley Memorial Lecture with Michelle Van Cleave 

Michelle Van Cleave, Brian Kelley Memorial Lecture October 2012

Above: Trish Kelley, widow of Brian Kelley; Amanda W, Student Government Association; Michelle Van Cleave, former National Counterintelligence Executive; John Lenczowski, IWP President 

Dr. John Lenczowski

John Lenczowski
Founder and President
The Institute of World Politics
Letter from the President

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Other Upcoming Events

The Intermarium and Robert Kaplan's The Revenge of Geography
Wednesday, November 28
2:00 PM

IWP Christmas Party
Tuesday, December 11
5:30-8:30 PM

Book lecture for Intermarium: The Land between the Black and Baltic Seas
Thursday, December 13
5:00 PM

Open House for Prospective Students
Friday, December 14
5:30 PM 

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