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Rumsfeld Fellowship awarded to student in MA program in intelligence studies

A Rumsfeld Fellowship was recently awarded to IWP student Jennifer Smith,* who is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts Program in Strategic Intelligence Studies.

The Rumsfeld Foundation, which is committed to promoting liberty and leadership, created this graduate fellowship to "provide grants to promising students with an interest in serving the nation through policy-relevant fields or by pursuing a career in public service." This is the second year IWP students have received fellowships.  Read more 

New terrorism and counterterrorism professor joins IWP

Aaron Danis, a Senior Analyst at the US Government, will be joining The Institute of World Politics as the new professor of terrorism and counterterrorism.

"Aaron has excellent credentials for teaching these courses," commented John Lenczowski, IWP founder and president. "As our longtime colleague Prof. Chris Harmon moves on to hands-on professional counterterrorism work for the nation, Aaron will be a most worthy successor."  Read more 

New Homeland Security specialization added to MA in Statecraft and National Security Affairs

"One of the great challenges in creating a unified, coherent, and effective Department of Homeland Security and in integrating other arms of government in the homeland security mission has been to develop a capability of strategic thinking in this field -- a field which has not normally been associated with the kind of systematic strategic thinking that is done primarily in the Department of Defense," says IWP founder and president John Lenczowski. "This program is designed to begin to address this challenge." Read more 

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Dr. J. Phillip London discusses Character: The Ultimate Success Factor

On June 26, Dr. J. Phillip "Jack" London visited IWP to discuss his new book, Character: The Ultimate Success Factor. Watch the video

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Thomas Atwood joins IWP as Vice President for Institutional Advancement

The Institute of World Politics is pleased to welcome Thomas C. Atwood as its new Vice President of Institutional Advancement.

Prior to joining IWP, Mr. Atwood directed and consulted with research and education nonprofits focused on national policy for more than 25 years. During the course of his career, he has been responsible for leading every aspect of such organizations, including serving as chief executive officer and spokesperson and directing fundraising and program development, strategic planning and administration, research and publications, government and media relations, and events and conferences.  Read more

Students and Alumni

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The IWP-Oxford Experience: Two Perspectives

This summer, four students from The Institute of World Politics were selected to attend a month-long program at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. The IWP students met one-on-one with their "don" in England's oldest university town weekly and wrote essays on topics that they thoroughly researched, which were then discussed and critiqued.

The group examined a vast array of topics while at Oxford. Some looked at British intelligence, others at terrorism, British-Iranian relations, and finally Russian foreign policy.  Read more 

IWP alumnus Benjamin Fricke asks: Is this the end of the "Euroideology"?  

Alumnus Vilen Khlgatyan discusses the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in the Christian Science Monitor

Faculty and Fellows

Raymond Batvinis discussing

YouTube Logo VIDEO: Prof. Raymond Batvinis discusses his new book on FBI counterespionage during WWII

US Army War College releases book on nuclear power and nonproliferation edited by Prof. Henry Sokolski

Derrick Dortch interviews Prof. Chris Harmon on the state of terrorism 

Prof. John Tierney discusses cultural diplomacy and the Cold War at ICD Symposium 

John Lenczowski comments on the situation in Iraq

Optimism fades as Obama's Middle East policies implode, says Prof. James Carafano

Russia Further from Superpower Status than When Putin Came to Power, says Prof. Paul Goble

Western economic policy still fighting wrong battle, says Prof. Norman Bailey

Iraq's theater of the absurd, by Prof. Norman Bailey 

Professor Emeritus Ken deGraffenreid comments on near collision between Russian jet and US surveillance aircraft 

Prof. Joseph Wood comments on Vatican-Israeli relations

There's an intelligence crisis at the White House, says Prof. Carafano 

Crimea: A New 9/11 for the United States, by Prof. Paul Goble

Chaos threatens oil supply, by Prof. Norman Bailey

Transformacja czy niepodleglosc, June 12, Warsaw (6)

Dr. Chodakiewicz publishes new book on Poland's post-communist "transformation"


IWP Interns at Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Event, Summer 2014

Interns learn about communism from survivors and experts 

Interns discuss Islamic totalitarianism and U.S. strategy dilemmas with Dr. Streusand 

Interns visit the Victims of Communism Memorial and Holocaust Museum

Also of note

JT Thomson

Former IWP Army Fellow BG John Thomson appointed Commandant of Cadets at West Point 

Derrick Dortch interviews Evan Lesser on the clearance jobs market


Applications are now open for Frontiers! 
Frontiers is an intensive ten-week program in American strategy and statecraft that reflects the unique curriculum offered at The Institute of World Politics (IWP) based on statecraft, strategy, political philosophy, and applied ethics.

Upcoming Events

Where is China going? Current affairs and foreign policy implications
July 8

How to Conduct a Foreign Counterintelligence Investigation
July 15

Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army's Way of War
July 28

Both Hands Tied Behind their Backs: Today's U.S. Rules of Engagement
September 5

Natalie Grant and the Critical Importance of Understanding Disinformation
September 17

New programs

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Learn more about our new Executive Master of Arts in National Security Affairs

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Learn more about our new Master of Arts in Strategic and International Studies (Professional)

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Learn more about our new Certificate in Conflict Prevention

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Learn more about our new Certificate in Corporate Statecraft 

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