Nine new IWP graduate certificates focus on cutting-edge national security issues

Nine new graduate certificates and Master's degree specializations in cutting-edge national security issues are being offered at the start of The Institute of World Politics' summer term that begins the week of June 3.

New certificates like Cyber Statecraft, Economic Statecraft, Counterterrorism, Strategic Soft Power, Strategic Communication, and Nonviolent Conflict form the leading edge of IWP's new academic offerings, along with Peace Building, Stabilization, and Humanitarian Affairs, Homeland Security, and National Security Policymaking.

"These new certificate programs make IWP a more valuable graduate school in an increasingly competitive professional environment," says IWP president John Lenczowski. "Each of our Certificate programs consists of about five graduate courses to earn a professional academic credential, and each can become the specialization of a full Master's degree at IWP." Read more 

New homeland security course offered at IWP

This summer, The Institute of World Politics will offer a new course entitled Foundations of Homeland Security. The course will be taught by Dr. James J. Carafano, who currently heads the foreign and defense policy studies departments at The Heritage Foundation.

"There are few programs in the United States that address the challenges of homeland security at the strategic level," comments IWP president John Lenczowski. "Our new course will do much to fill the gaps in national strategic thinking on these matters. Jim Carafano brings an outstanding strategic mind to bear on this issue." Read more

James Carafano, CNN

Nationally known homeland security expert and former CIA economist to teach at IWP

The Institute of World Politics is pleased to welcome two new professors for the summer semester: Dr. James Jay Carafano and Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley.

Dr. Carafano, who currently heads the foreign and defense policy studies departments at The Heritage Foundation, will teach IWP's new course on Foundations of Homeland Security.

Dr. Rathbone Bradley will teach IWP's course on Economics for Foreign Policy Makers. She currently serves as the Vice President of Economic Initiatives at the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics, and has done research on the political economy of terrorism with specific emphasis on the industrial organization of Al-Qaeda.  Read more

Library team, April 2013

Library team improves study areas in Bently Hall

Under the leadership of Dmitry Kulik, the IWP library team has redone several areas of Bently Hall, improving study space and student lounge areas.

A new study area for students with six workstations is now located next to the library, and five workstations with computers are now available in the library. The back of the library now houses a new table and chairs, and a suggestion box can be found near the library front desk. In the foyer next to the back classroom on the first floor, there is a new student lounge area. Read more

Students and alumni

Samantha Moyer (1)

How does an opera singer become an authority on naval strategy? We ask Samantha Moyer, IWP '13

Samantha Moyer is a member of IWP's Class of 2013 and this year's Maibach Fellow at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress. In this interview, Samantha (known to her friends as Sam), describes her experiences as an opera singer, an Army intelligence officer, a graduate student, and a CSPC fellow. Read more

Foxstone Park Tour, April 2013 (4)

Students and alumni tour park involved in Hanssen spy case

Every year, the late Professor Brian Kelley brought his class and interested students on a tour of Foxstone Park, one of his jogging routes--more famously known for being one of Robert Hanssen's drop sites.

There, Hanssen "dropped" classified documents on a concrete ledge under a small wooden bridge, in clear sight of the homes overlooking the well-trafficked neighborhood park. Falsely accused of being the mole, Professor Kelley was finally exonerated after an 18-month forced leave when Hanssen's duplicity was caught on a KGB tape.

On April 6, 2013, Trish McCarthy Kelley and Brian Kelley, Jr. carried on Prof. Kelley's legacy and shared his story to another class of alumni and students through the tour and their insights into the Hanssen/Kelley case. Read more

Major Aaron J. Kuykendall, April 18, 2013

Soldier-scholar Aaron Kuykendall promoted to the rank of Major

On April 18, 2013, The Institute of World Politics hosted a promotion ceremony for CPT(P) Aaron Kuykendall as he was promoted to the rank of Major.

During the ceremony, MAJ Kuykendall remarked that: "The school is not about making money and shuffling students through just to get degrees. The professors here care about service to our country, and everyone who leaves here is doing so in some unique way." Read more 

Events at IWP

The Kosciuszko Chair holds its Third Annual Spring Symposium

Faculty and fellows

Prof. Sebastian Gorka discusses the U.S. approach to radical Islam on Flashpoint Live 

Prof. Richard Rahn discusses "When is too much security too much?" 

Amir Fakhravar discusses Iranian youth  

Prof. Norman Bailey comments on Portugal's refusal to adopt EU austerity measures  

Prof. Paul Goble writes about Russians leaving the Orthodox Church  

Prof. Richard Rahn discusses the new White House budget  

Dr. Chodakiewicz on the "Exceptional Conservative" Radio Show  

Prof. Lee Edwards discusses Margaret Thatcher's legacy on National Review Online  

Allen West interviews Amir Fakhravar on Iran's nuclear program  

Prof. Norman Bailey discusses economic statecraft in The International Economy Magazine  

Prof. Paul Goble discusses Putin's commitment to "stability above everything" 

Prof. Lee Edwards publishes new book: Leading the Way

Prof. Richard Rahn discusses Cyprus and tax havens on The Diane Rehm Show 

Kathryn Davis, 180x190

In Memoriam: Peace advocate, scholar, and philanthropist Kathryn W. Davis

The Institute of World Politics mourns the loss of Kathryn W. Davis, distinguished scholar, philanthropist, and public servant, who passed away at age 106 on April 23, 2013.

Mrs. Davis, who dedicated her life to the cause of peace, was a longtime friend and benefactor of the Institute. Her daughter, Diana Spencer, and granddaughter, Abby Moffat, are supporters of the Institute, and Ms. Moffat currently serves on the Board of Trustees.

"The world will be without a great benevolent spirit who deeply wanted to make the world a better place," said IWP president John Lenczowski. "Mrs. Davis was committed to addressing some of the most wrenching problems that plague humanity, and she helped so many of those who shared her concerns." 

Read more 


YouTube channel launched at IWP

The Institute of World Politics recently launched a YouTube channel, featuring videos of guest lecturers, faculty, and students. Please subscribe to receive notice when we upload a new video.

Bill Casey and Margaret Thatcher

IWP mourns the passing of Margaret Thatcher

"Lady Thatcher couldn't have been of greater support to President Reagan and the Western cause--the cause of legitimate republican government, human rights, the rule of law, individual responsibility, respect for the dignity of the individual human person, and morally ordered liberty--all those things which were denied hundreds of millions of people in the communist world."
- John Lenczowski  
Read more

Ray Batvinis, Reagan Intelligence Lecture April 2013

VIDEO: Prof. Raymond Batvinis discusses "Ronald Reagan: Counterintelligence and the Evil Empire"

Paul Goble April 2013

Who influenced the Tsarnaev brothers? Prof. Goble testifies on Islamist extremism in Chechnya

Washington, D.C. April 26, 2013 - Prof. Paul Goble testifed as part of a panel on Islamist extremism in Chechnya before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Read more

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