Class of 2013

Congratulations to the Class of 2013!

The Class of 2013 is IWP's largest class to date, with 58 Master of Arts degree recipients and 17 receiving Certificates of Graduate Study. The commencement ceremony took place on May 18, 2013.

General Raymond T. Odierno, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, gave the keynote address.

MAJ Adam MacAllister, USA was recognized as the Valedictorian, and Samantha Moyer, the Salutatorian, gave the valedictory remarks.

During the ceremony, the Institute conferred a Senior Service Fellowship Certificate on Colonel Richard Ullian, USA.

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Videos of Commencement

Anna Akopyan, Comprehensive Exams April 2013

Comps prepare students for jobs in diplomacy, defense, and intelligence

"If you have a Master's degree, you need to have mastery over your field of study," says IWP president John Lenczowski.

This is why the Institute has comprehensive exams ("comps") in addition to its rigorous classes--to ensure that each of the 58 Master's degree recipients who crossed the stage on May 18 understand their area of study inside and out.  Read more

U.S. Army War College Fellow promoted to the rank of Colonel

Rick Ullian, 2012-13 U.S. Army War College Fellow at IWP, has been promoted to the rank of Colonel effective May 1, 2013. While at IWP, COL Ullian has been doing strategic research for the U.S. Army, and has been participating in the academic life of the Institute, sharing his experiences with faculty, students, and the community. Read more


YouTube LogoProf. Sebastian Gorka speaks about counterterrorism and counterintelligence under the current administration 

Gorka, May 2013 

Europe is misdiagnosing the source of its economic problems, argues Prof. Norman Bailey  

Wall Street Journal quotes Prof. Waller on genocide trial 

Prof. Marek Chodakiewicz discusses "Iran: What would Reagan have done?"

Find IWP on Soundcloud Secure Freedom Radio interviews Prof. Raymond Batvinis on Russia's arrest of a U.S. diplomat on spy charges 

The Tsarnaevs' Moscow connection: Dr. Chodakiewicz comments  

Prof. Norman Bailey in Globes: War can wait   

Prof. Paul Goble discusses the impending extinction of the Karaim people  

Prof. Anne Rathbone Bradley debates Ron Sider on how to fix the national debt 

Prof. Paul Goble discusses Soviet anti-religious efforts 

Prof. Norman Bailey comments on youth unemployment in Israel 

Prof. Chodakiewicz reviews book on the Polish-American veteran experience

Also of note


In Memoriam: Herb Romerstein, Professor and Freedom Fighter

On May 7, longtime IWP professor Herb Romerstein passed away. At IWP, he had taught the course on foreign propaganda, perceptions, and policy.

"Herb was a national treasure," says IWP president John Lenczowski. "Here was a man who started out in his teenage years influenced by communism, who then saw the truth about that ideology and turned against the party."  Read more 

Herb: A reflection by Prof. Marek Chodakiewicz 

After the Venona decrypts became available to the public, Herb stood up at a conference and yelled at a detractor: "You traitor! You were a paid agent of Stalin." Guilty as charged. A friend, a colleague, a mentor, a politically incorrect joker in residence, and a Red-hunter extraordinaire, Herb had a fire in his belly.  Read more 

Three years after the Smolensk crash
by IWP student Pawel Styrna

Three years have passed since the suspicious Smolensk Plane Crash of April 10, 2010. During this time, new developments in the case occurred and evidence continued to surface. Most disturbingly, these findings have anything but dispelled doubts about the veracity of the official, FSB/KGB-manufactured Moscow-Warsaw "pilot error" line. Read more  

General Raymond T. Odierno, Commencement 2013

Above: General Raymond T. Odierno, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, speaks at Commencement on May 18.

Videos of Commencement

YouTube channel launched at IWP

The Institute of World Politics recently launched a YouTube channel, featuring videos of guest lecturers, faculty, and students. Please subscribe to receive notice when we upload a new video.

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"I shall be content if those shall pronounce my History useful who desire to give a view of events as they did really happen, and as they are very likely, in accordance with human nature, to repeat themselves at some future time,-if not exactly the same, yet very similar." 
Historia, i. 2, 2.

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