Nancy Berthold, Commencement 2012, Photo by Thomas Zeeb (2)

Above: President John Lenczowksi, Dean Charles Smith, and Nancy Berthold at Commencement 

Photo by Thomas Zeeb

Forensics, counterintelligence, and the IWP experience: In the words of certificate alumna Nancy Berthold

"As IWP students realize, the history of intelligence and counterintelligence is riddled by forgeries and deceptions, which were often accepted at face value by policymakers, thus, affecting historical outcomes. This still astounds me as a certified questioned document examiner. The US Government has some world-class examiners but, if no one questions a document in the first place, dire incidents can occur."

Donor Spotlight: Meet Tidal McCoy

Tidal McCoy has supported IWP almost since its inception. Having spent 25 years in the national security field, he understands the importance of an excellent education for professionals in this field.

Mr. McCoy observes, "For all the national security policy I was involved in [shaping] later [under] Reagan and that I was implementing in the Pentagon, the bottom line is that you have to have officers who are well-trained, relatively well-paid, respected by the American people, and prepared to make a sacrifice for their country... This is also true for junior intelligence officers, collectors, and analysts."

Professors and Fellows

Dr. Pilon meets with Czech President 

Dr. Chodakiewicz publishes article on the geopolitics of the Intermarium

"The Complexity Trap," co-authored by Prof. Sebastian Gorka 

"Polish air crash: Crime without punishment?" by Prof. Gene Poteat

Visiting fellow David Archibald discusses oil production in Saudi Arabia and Russia 

IWP adjunct professor and descendant of Lincoln ally participates in wreath-laying ceremony

David P. Goldman describes influence of Prof. Norman Bailey 

"Poverty will breed chaos in Egypt," by Prof. Norman A. Bailey

IWP visiting fellow David Archibald discusses the carbon tax in Australia

Students and Alumni 

IWP alumnus Jim Dolbow publishes The Coast Guardsman's Manual, 10th Edition  

IWP student interviews Paraguayan President Federico Franco 

IWP alumnus Larry Cosgriff discusses an alternative piracy defense

Former student Bill Russell writes article on "Poland: This Time, The President Should Apologize"

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Upcoming Events at IWP

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The Precipice of Nuclear Annihilation: Through the Eyes of the Cuban Missile Crisis - 50 Years Later
Friday, October 5
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