Zack Nunn November 2013 444x718

Above: Students in the Cyber Statecraft class with Zack Nunn, Director for Cybersecurity Policy at the National Security Council. 

Five new courses to be offered for the spring semester

IWP's former Terrorism and Counterterrorism course has now been divided into two separate courses in order to cover all of the very extensive territory: the new Counterterrorism and the Democracies course (IWP 669) and a course on Terrorism (IWP 633).  Counterterrorism will be taught this spring by Prof. Chris Harmon, one of the nation's foremost experts in the field.

Peace through Development (IWP 670) will be taught by Al Santoli, a longtime practitioner in development aid who originally learned this art in the context of counterinsurgency warfare. He will teach this course in the tradition of the legendary General Edward Lansdale, who was one of the modern era's seminal masters of this art. The course will include several guest lecturers, all of whom have been practitioners in different dimensions of peacebuilding and counterterrorism.

A course on the US-China Strategic Relationship (IWP 671) is the next in a forthcoming series of courses on China and the security challenges it presents to the East Asian region and to the United States. This course will cover the history of US-China relations, as well as contemporary developments. It will be taught by Amb. Joseph DeTrani, who is joining the faculty this spring.

Crisis Management and Decisionmaking (IWP 675) adds a special new dimension to that part of IWP's curriculum that addresses the national security policy process and the conduct of strategy. Prof. John Tsagronis' service at the National Security Council gives him special qualifications to teach this course on the basis of firsthand knowledge.

Defection Then and Now (IWP 676) will be taught by Alan Messer, a 32-year veteran of the CIA who served first as an analyst on Soviet defense industries and economics, then in the Directorate for Science and Technology for two years, and then as an operations officer in the Clandestine Service for 13 years, where he specialized in the KGB and GRU. 

Career 444x718

Career seminars propel students to success

This semester, students have learned about FBI intelligence operations, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, Army Special Forces, and the DIA from our alumni. These seminars are all part of IWP's Career Services offerings.  Read more


Prof. James Carafano compares Iran nuclear deal to the Munich agreement of 1938

John Lenczowski comments on the US-China nuclear security center in Beijing 

Minimum deterrence enhances the possibility of war, argues Dr. John Lenczowski

Remembering 23 October, by Prof. Christopher Harmon

Prof. Norman Bailey comments on how changes in China affect Israel

Obama defunding the Pentagon's net assessment brains, says Prof. James Carafano

"Fog over Iran" - an article by Prof. Norman Bailey

Prof. James Carafano discusses fighting on the cyber battlefield

Around campus

Admiral Cox, 444x718

Rear Admiral Samuel Cox speaks in Cyber Statecraft class

Brian Kelley Books 444x718

Personal library of the late Professor Brian Kelley donated to IWP

Amb. Francis Rooney gives a book lecture for The Global Vatican, November 2013

YouTube Logo VIDEO: Amb. Francis Rooney gives a book lecture for The Global Vatican

Flaherty 444x718

Michael Flaherty presents thesis on modern peace enforcement 

Henry Sokolski November 2013 444x718

YouTube Logo VIDEO: Henry Sokolski discusses nuclear policy at IWP

Vilen Khlgatyan November 2013 444x718

YouTube Logo VIDEO: Vilen Khlgatyan gives a lecture on "Between Moscow and Brussels: Ukrainian and Armenian Dilemmas"

YouTube Logo VIDEO: Sharmaake Sabrie discusses Al-Shabaab at IWP 

YouTube Logo VIDEOS: Sixth Annual Kosciuszko Chair Conference held at IWP

Nathalie Vogel discusses Cossack history at IWP

Also of note

Where's that guy we met at orientation? Student misses first semester to do intelligence work for the Army

Trustees comment on progress at IWP

Derrick Dortch conducts interview on terrorist activity in Nigeria

Gettysburg 2013 444x718

Interns experience Gettysburg with Professor Emeritus Charles Smith

Research fellow David Archibald takes an Arctic expedition  

IWP improves campus safety with new keycard system 

Office space for student and alumni groups now available in Marlatt 

Tania Mastrapa

Tania Mastrapa to lead Office of Professional Affiliations

Amb. Joseph DeTrani

IWP welcomes Joseph DeTrani and Al Santoli to the faculty

Santoli with Moro Guerrillas

Above: Prof. Al Santoli with Moro guerrillas

IWP Internship

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Want to apply for the spring semester?
The application deadline is December 1.

Upcoming Events

Pearl Harbor Day Lecture with LTG Michael T. Flynn
December 5

Open House for Prospective Students
December 18

Brian Kelley Memorial Lecture: Counterintelligence after Snowden
February 7, 2014

Lessons from the Northern Ireland Peace Process: A Book Lecture with Timothy White
March 17, 2014

New courses

Defection 150x150

Learn more about our new course on defection

Counterterrorism 150x150

Learn more about our new counterterrorism course

US China 150x150

Learn more about our new course on the US-China strategic relationship

Crisis management 150x150

Learn more about our crisis management course

Peace Through Development 150x150

Learn more about our course on peace through development

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