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Middle States team commends IWP on assessment and planning

On April 3, 2014, a team representing the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) visited IWP to evaluate the Institute's performance on several standards for accreditation. In addition to finding IWP in compliance with all standards, this team commended the Institute "for developing assessment and planning practices that clearly and effectively link institutional assessment and planning." This action represents the first time in IWP's history that it has received formal commendation from its accrediting body.  Read more

Interns Summer 2014

The IWP Internship Experience: John Hoffner

Unlike many of the other interns who have backgrounds in international relations or political science, I entered my internship at The Institute of World Politics as a rising senior from Colorado Christian University with a Business Administration major and an International Business emphasis. While previously considering a career in the Foreign Commercial Service with the U.S. Department of Commerce, I was also interested in pursuing a career in counterterrorism, but lacked the qualifications or any idea of what opportunities were out there. I could not have found myself in a better position to figure those things out than with my internship at IWP.

I first applied for the internship with the expectation that most of the internship would consist of phone calls, database entry, and administrative work, but that it would still be worth the opportunity to work in Washington, D.C. with such distinguished experts in the field of national security.

I've never been so excited to be wrong. Read more

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Prof. Teresa La Porte to research public diplomacy at IWP 

Professor María Teresa La Porte Fernández-Alfaro, currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Public Communication School of Communication at the University of Navarra, joined IWP as an independent researcher on July 15. At the Institute, she will be researching public diplomacy and its relationship to democracy promotion and non-state actors.  Read more

Students and Alumni

Robert Turner

Advancing national security through telecommunications: The story of alumnus Robert Turner

"I knew attending IWP would be a useful experience, and helpful to my career...but it far exceeded my expectations, and proved to be much more interesting and beneficial than I had imagined." - Robert Turner

Robert Turner, who now has over 25 years' experience in providing secure telecommunications and networking solutions to the U.S. Government, foreign governments, and multinational organizations, first came to IWP in 1994 during his tenure at Sprint's Government Systems Division. Read more

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Student Peter Debbins passes rigorous Russian language exam

IWP M.A. candidate Peter Debbins recently passed the Chartered Institute of Linguists' exam in Russian translation. According to Peter, the exam "may even challenge a native speaker of the language": it includes a general subject translation; a scientific translation; and a choice of a social science, medical, or legal translation. Read more

IWP student Lacy Rourke receives young alumni award from Ripon College

Lacy Rourke, who is currently pursuing a Master's degree at IWP, recently received an Outstanding Young Alumni Award from Ripon College. A 2007 graduate of Ripon, Lacy has done work with the National League of POW/MIA Families, where she continues to volunteer. Read more

IWP alumnus comments on German cuts in life insurance returns

Dennis Staszak discusses foreign counterintelligence investigations at IWP

IWP alumnus Shawn Brimley testifies before the House Armed Services Committee

American espionage in Germany: Comments by an IWP alumnus

Faculty and Fellows

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IWP launches Strategic Fellows Program

An elite group of U.S. Army company-grade officers and senior noncommissioned officers participated in the first intensive three-week Strategic Fellows Program offered by The Institute of World Politics this July. Their curriculum included daily seminars led by IWP faculty members and other notable scholar-practitioners. The program was designed to give these military leaders poised for assuming higher responsibilities a guided introduction to the development of national security policy at the strategic level, and to give them a deeper understanding of the instruments of statecraft. Read more 

Transformacja czy niepodleglosc, June 12, Warsaw (4)

Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz continues European lecture circuit

Army Senior Fellows September 2013

Army Fellows Release Papers: IWP's US Army War College Fellows from 2013-14 have released the papers they prepared during their fellowship at IWP.

Russian agents of influence and the war on fracking, by John Lenczowski 

A Kremlin 'Reset' - Putin from 'Defender of the Russian World' to 'Peacemaker'

YouTube Logo VIDEO: Prof. Paul Goble discusses Russia at JHU/APL Rethinking Seminar Series

Don't sign away US sovereignty with bad treaties, says Prof. Carafano

Turkey: Between Iraq and some hard choices 

Why ISIS is more dangerous than Al Qaeda and what America must do about it, by Prof. Sebastian Gorka

Prof. Joshua Muravchik to discuss world opinion of Israel

Research fellow Amir Fakhravar comments on nuclear talks with Iran

Iran's nuclear delay, Hamas's isolation

Hamas, the dying shark, by Prof. Norman Bailey 

Death Throes and Other Middle Eastern Phenomena, by Prof. Norman Bailey

Independence Day and US support for Solidarity in Poland: A lecture by Prof. Marek Chodakiewicz

Strategic Value of Poland and the Intermarium, by Marek Chodakiewicz 

Dr. Chodakiewicz interviewed by Polonia Christiana

Weekly Standard reviews Prof. Batvinis' book on FBI counterespionage during WWII

IWP Interns

Prof. Tierney with IWP Interns, Summer 2014

Interns discuss virtue with Professor Wood

Prof. Tierney examines the American experience of unconventional war

IWP interns tour the U.S. State Department 

Also of note

CIMSEC highlights the value of IWP's strategy education

IWP career director discusses the business of threat assessment 

Landing that federal job -- a recruiter's perspective

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YouTube Logo Amb. Frank Lavin discusses current affairs in China


Applications are now open for Frontiers! 
Frontiers is an intensive ten-week program in American strategy and statecraft that reflects the unique curriculum offered at The Institute of World Politics (IWP) based on statecraft, strategy, political philosophy, and applied ethics.

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