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IWP Student Christopher (Reed) Eckhold: Aspiring National Security Policy Expert 

It's a Washington, D.C. tradition: every summer, some of America's brightest young students and graduates flock to the nation's capital to intern in Congressional offices, nonprofits, and think tanks. Some of them have no ambitions beyond expanding their resumes and sampling the District's nightlife; the wiser members of this cohort, however, seek niches for themselves that demand developing true expertise in a branch of public policy or international affairs.  Read more 

Prof. Kenneth deGraffenreid and the route to an American understanding of statecraft

Professor Kenneth deGraffenreid, a true scholar-practitioner with a rich background in the intelligence field, is proud to be a founding professor at IWP.  In fact, his conversations with IWP founder John Lenczowski helped develop some of the main aspects of the Institute that were present at its founding, and continue today. Read more 

IWP in the media 

Journal of the Consortium for Strategic Communication discusses Dr. Waller's views on ridicule 

IWP parent Maj. Gen. Michael Flynn comments on intel in Afghanistan 

IWP Senior Fellow COL Gadson featured in Washington Post 

Muravchik comments on Ahmad Chalabi in a recent World Affairs Journal article 

Lenczowski discusses nuclear arms talks with Russia on Center for Security Policy radio

IWP alum Dolbow co-authors  "U.S. Coast Guard at Risk: Modernization Plans Sinking Under Budget Constraints."  

IWP News 

Prof Waller on PSYOP assessment team for Pentagon

The US Special Operations Command has requested an IWP professor's assistance with a major assessment project to design military psychological operations capabilities for the next decade.  Please click here to read more.

Maj. Gen. Rodney Anderson speaks about "A Balanced Army" at IWP

On Tuesday, March 16, Major General Rodney O. Anderson, USA, Director of Army Force Management, discussed "A Balanced Army" at IWP. IWP Army Senior Fellow Col. Greg Gadson arranged the lecture, and introduced Maj. Gen. Anderson, calling him a "mentor, friend, and great American."  Please click here to read more.

Amb. Julie Finley and Amb. David Gross  lecture on multilateral diplomacy

For the second and third lectures on multilateral diplomacy in a series organized by Ambassador Louise Oliver, Julie Finley discussed: "OSCE: Does it Matter?" and Amb. David Gross discussed "How Effective Multilateral Diplomacy can save the Internet and the World." 

Dr. Henry P. Williams discusses piracy and the early American Republic

In a lecture organized by IWP Trustee Abby Moffat on March 1, Dr. Henry P. Williams brought to life for his listeners at IWP the debates leading up to the creation of the U.S. Constitution, the attacks and humiliation Americans suffered at the hands of the pirates, the Tripolitan War, and the War of 1812.  Please click here to read more.

Reed Eckhold
Pictured above: Reed Eckhold

Upcoming events at IWP 

20th Anniversary Gala with GEN Petraeus 

Breakfast and briefing with Dr. J. Michael Waller 

IWP Open House, April 22

Lecture with founding member of CIA Gen. John Singlaub


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