COL Reginald IWP welcomes new Army Senior Fellow: Colonel Reginald Bostick

The Institute of World Politics is delighted to welcome our third Army Senior Fellow, COL Reginald Bostick, who will be with us at IWP for the 2010-11 school year. Colonel Bostick brings a wealth of experience to share with IWP students, faculty, and friends. 

Colonel Bostick has spent over 22 years in a variety of command and staff assignments with both conventional and special operations forces. He participated in numerous deployment operations and supported various worldwide joint contingency operations throughout South America, Africa and South-West Asia.  Read more 

Matt Flynn_lowresMeet IWP student Matt Flynn: DIA Intelligence Analyst

"As an intelligence analyst with DIA, I work for the Afghanistan/Pakistan Task Force (APTF) at the Pentagon. This office was created in early 2009 to provide intelligence support to all Department of Defense (DoD) and military personnel deployed to Afghanistan, as well as the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of Defense, and other top defense decision-makers in the U.S. The APTF, as part of DIA, also deploys analysts to provide direct intelligence support to the warfighters and decision-makers in Afghanistan. Consequently, I took the opportunity to volunteer for deployment to Afghanistan in February 2010...." Read more

RADM David RogersRADM Dave Rogers: Charter member of the 1947 Club

RADM David Rogers USN (ret.) - a true patriot - has been spending his life serving our nation. He has held various positions in the Navy and in the business world.  Now he continues to prepare our nation for the future as a friend and supporter of IWP.  Read more

Library books, summer 2010IWP library continues to expand its collection

One popular image of some academic libraries - that they are staid, stuffy institutions serving as little more than warehouses of the irrelevant - could hardly be less applicable to IWP's Library.  Under the leadership of current IWP Director of Libraries and Information Services Jim Stambaugh, the IWP library, already home to over 30,000 volumes, has continued to expand.  Read more

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