New Cyber Statecraft course offered for summer term

The Institute of World Politics is launching Cyber Statecraft, an introductory cyber-centric course that will form the core of a larger IWP Cyber Statecraft program. The first four-credit course will be taught this summer.

"This initial Cyber Statecraft course will present the importance of the cyber domain, a relatively new frontier whose significance cannot be overstated, and for which a broader and deeper understanding is necessary if tomorrow's strategic thinkers are to operate effectively," says Professor S. John Tsagronis, who is teaching the course. Read more   
Linda Strating

Linda Strating named VP for professional affiliations

Linda Strating, longtime director for professional affiliations and external programs, has been promoted to a Vice President of IWP.

"Linda has been instrumental in cementing IWP's relationships with the U.S. military and other key elements of the national security community, and we're thrilled that she is taking on added roles here at IWP," said President John Lenczowski. "She has earned the confidence of our nation's military leadership, and her promotion at the Institute doesn't come a moment too soon."  Read more 

Casey Centennial panel 2

IWP celebrates William J. Casey's 100th birthday

On Wednesday, March 13, The Institute of World Politics and the Sophia and William Casey Foundation co-hosted The William J. Casey Centennial in honor of the 100th birthday of the late William J. Casey, former Director of Central Intelligence and father-in-law of IWP board chairman Owen Smith. Read more  

Find IWP on Vimeo VIDEOS of The William J. Casey Centennial
PHOTOS of the Centennial
Reflections by John Lenczowski on the occasion of William J. Casey's 100th birthday

Prince Reza Pahlavi, Democratic Transition in Iran Conference March 2013

IWP co-hosts Democratic Transition in Iran Conference

On Thursday, March 7, the Center for Culture and Security at The Institute of World Politics and the Confederation of Iranian Students co-hosted a conference on democratic transition in Iran, at which the The National Iran Council was introduced.  Read more

Find IWP on Soundcloud AUDIO: Rep Trent. Franks (R-AZ), Prince Reza Pahlavi, message from Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), panel introducing the National Council of Iran

Zdzislaw Zakrzewski

In Memoriam: Richard (Zdzisław) Zakrzewski (1919-2013)

Nothing testifies to the grandness of an endeavor than a multigenerational effort of passing values down to the next torchbearers. And in the case of IWP supporter Richard Zakrzewski (11 November 1919 - 21 March 2013), who has just passed away, the method of transmission was The Institute of World Politics. Our school reflects his values, methods, goals, and hopes for the United States and the world, including his Old Country, Poland.

Mr. Zakrzewski was born in Lwów, Poland (currently Ukraine). He studied engineering at the Lwów University. He was also an altar boy, a boy scout, and a student activist.

In September 1939, when Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia attacked Poland, he promptly volunteered for service and took to the field. His small squad of friends was captured first by Ukrainian nationalists and then by the Communists, but the young people managed to extricate themselves from their clutches each time.  Read more

Also of note

Find IWP on Soundcloud AUDIO: Blaise Misztal discusses Cyber ShockWave at IWP 

IWP student Vilen Khlgatyan discusses the petro-politics of Azerbaijan 

IWP advisory board member speaks out on the Putin regime 

Nicholas Dima reviews Prof. Chodakiewicz's Intermarium

IWP Faculty

Amb. Thomas Melady discusses the new pope on WUSA9 

"Enough Said: The False Scholarship of Edward Said," by Prof. Joshua Muravchik 

"Obama's second term: two views on the Peace Process - view one," by Prof. Joshua Muravchik 

"Alive and Well: American power and influence need not be on the wane," by Prof. Joshua Muravchik

"Budget dilemmas in Israel and the U.S.," by Prof. Norman Bailey 

"Cyprus farce: The incompetence of Europe's leaders has never been more plain to see; but there could be an opportunity for Israel," by Prof. Norman Bailey

"Spread ownership, or spread poverty: Technological and economic change are outstripping the ability of our political institutions to manage them," by Prof. Norman Baiely

"The moving wall of China's Red Dragon Empire," by Prof. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz 

"Window on Eurasia: Moscow Wants Ukraine to Break with West," by Prof. Paul Goble

VIDEO: Dr. Lenczowski discusses the threat of radical Islamism at Georgia Tech

John Lenczowski speaking at Georgia Tech, March 2013

Juliana Pilon

Dr. Juliana Geran Pilon named Faculty Chairman

IWP President John Lenczowski recently announced the appointment of Dr. Juliana Pilon as Faculty Chairman.

Her main roles in the IWP academic leadership will be to work with the faculty to improve course offerings, develop new education and training programs, broaden recruitment of students, improve scholarship opportunities, and enhance the academic experience of students. 

"Juliana Pilon brings unbounded energy and enthusiasm along with her very high academic standards and creativity," says Dr. J. Michael Waller, IWP Provost. "She is popular with students and faculty alike, and we are grateful for her willingness to take on additional responsibilities as our faculty chairman." Read more  

Donor Spotlight: Victor Bik

When Mr. Victor Bik of Sarasota, Florida, received a letter from Dr. John Lenczowski, he was struck by the similarity of the Bik and Lenczowski family experiences in German and Soviet-occupied Poland during the Second World War. Read more

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