Passion for cultural diplomacy inspires German IWP student

IWP views cultural diplomacy as a serious instrument of statecraft, and student Ben Fricke understands this concept from firsthand experience. He participated in his first international exchange program to England when he was 10.  He comments, "I see myself as a product of cultural diplomacy to some extent because of all the exchanges I have done and the volunteer opportunities I have had abroad."

IWP announces the retirement of Professors Ken deGraffenreid and Charles Smith

"Ken and Chuck have both rendered the Institute invaluable service. On top of all they did in the classroom, they both were faithful counselors and mentors to our students and alumni, also rendering them enormous help in finding professional opportunities to serve our country.

All of us here - faculty, staff, students, alumni, and trustees, owe them both an enormous debt of gratitude. We hope that they both will continue, insofar as they are able, to remain involved with IWP. I hope you will all join me in wishing them a happy and healthy retirement."

-John Lenczowski

Brian J. Kelley Dedication Ceremony September 2012 2 

In Memoriam: Brian J. Kelley
A year after his passing, IWP honors Brian J. Kelley, a great patriot and professor.

Alumni Association honors the late Professor Brian Kelley

Brian J. Kelley Memorial Remarks by Chris, Class of 2010

Brian J. Kelley Memorial Remarks by Rebekah Stroman, Class of 2010

Brian J. Kelley Memorial Remarks by Professor Robert W. Stephan

Reflections on Professor Kelley by an IWP alumnus

Kosciuszko Chair of Polish Studies

Can Christian ethics and the welfare state be reconciled? Dr. Chodakiewicz weighs in

Defeating Post-Totalitarianism: Dr. Chodakiewicz on Hungary and Orban

"Russia's espionage offensive," by Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz 

A future geopolitical revolution in Europe, continued  

Katyn documents declassified

Also of note

Former student testifies on the EMP threat

NDU study of Active Measures Working Group affirms contributions of IWP professors

IWP celebrates Constitution Day with lecture by Dr. Roger Pilon

"Remembering Ambassador Christopher Stevens: A Friend, Colleague and Patriot," by an IWP student

"Strategic Surprise," by General Walter Jajko, USAF (Ret.)

Prof. Wood discusses lessons from Central Europe regarding religious freedom

IWP Professor Gene Poteat interviewed by AP on 9/11/2001

Former IWP Army War College Fellow discusses interagency cooperation and stability operations 

IWP alumnus John Poreba shares tips on public speaking   

Juliana Pilon reviews The Work of Enchantment by Matthew Del Nevo   

IWP holds event on "The Women Who Survived Communist Prisons" 

Ben Fricke

Above: IWP student Ben Fricke 

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Symposium on US-Vatican Diplomatic Relations
Friday, September 28
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Philadelphian Sovereignty and American Foreign Policy
Thursday, October 4
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Backwards in High Heels: Faith Whittlesey, Reagan's Madam Ambassador in Switzerland and the West Wing
Friday, October 5
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The Precipice of Nuclear Annihilation: Through the Eyes of the Cuban Missile Crisis - 50 Years Later
Friday, October 5
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Belarus: After the "Elections"
Wednesday, October 10
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Is Russia a Major Threat to America?
Thursday, October 25
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Open House for Prospective Students
Friday, November 2
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Saturday, November 3
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Military Strategy and China Today
Tuesday, November 13
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