The New Terrorist Threat: Why Al Qaeda is Different

On June 22 at 4:30 PM, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Assistant Professor of Irregular Warfare at the National Defense University, will discuss, "The New Terrorist Threat: Why Al Qaeda is Different." The event will take place at IWP.

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GorkaDr. Sebastian Gorka was born in the UK to parents who escaped Communism during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. He is an internationally recognized authority on issues of national security, terrorism and democratization, having worked in government and the private and NGO sectors in Europe and the United States. A graduate of the University of London and Corvinus University, Budapest, and was Kokkalis Fellow at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. He holds a Ph.D. in political science.

In the past Sebastian has acted as a consultant to the RAND Corporation's Washington Office and was the first Director of the Institute for Transitional Democracy and International Security. After September the 11th 2001, he spent four years as Adjunct Professor for Terrorism and Security Studies at the George C. Marshall Center in Germany. He has published in excess of 130 monographs, book chapters and articles, many for the JANES Group of the UK, and appears regularly in the international press, to include the Financial Times, the BBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, REUTERS, the Washington Post, EuroNews, Al Jazeera, Alhurra and Newsweek. Dr. Gorka advises and briefs at the highest levels to US Special Operations Command and NATO. He is a frequent guest lecturer at institutions such as the National Counterterrorism Center, USMA West Point and the School of Advanced Military Studies, Fort Leavenworth. Most recently he advised the Office of the Secretary of Defense regarding the latest draft guidance from Secretary Gates on US Strategic Communications and was consulted during the drafting of the new Joint Operating Concept (JOC) for Irregular Warfare.

Sebastian is a founding member of the Council for Emerging National Security Affairs and a member of the Strategic Advisers' Group of the Atlantic Council of the United States.