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Lecture on “How Terrorist Groups End” with Dr. Harmon

Fri, Sep 10, 2010, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Christopher C. Harmon, long-time IWP adjunct faculty member, served as lead editor for Toward A Grand Strategy Against Terrorism, a new volume from the higher education division of McGraw-Hill. Harmon will speak about this new work on the evening of 10 September at 6:00 PM at The Institute of World Politics.  The lecture will be followed by a Welcome Reception for new and returning IWP students.

Also, Prof. Harmon returns to teaching his terrorism/counterterrorism course next Spring (2011). 

A team of nearly two dozen authors-all associated with the Marshall Center, the joint German/American research and teaching institution in Garmisch-composed this extensive book, published this May. This very international team became cohesive in lecturing and running seminars together after Marine Colonel (ret.) A. N. Pratt began the program in 2004. While there are seven PhDs in the writers’ pool and too many master’s holders to mention, what is more notable are the tallies of work-years as practitioners in the fields of intelligence, diplomacy, and the military, which easily add into the hundreds. These specialists’ thoughts on how to go about attacking terrorism have been refined and clarified over long careers. The result is an important accomplishment which will make its mark on how counterterrorism is taught in our graduate schools, institutes, and higher military schools.

  • A scholar who has held two academic chairs in international law advises on when use of force is permissible, and when it is not.
  • Two diplomats team up to write on how their craft can work against international terrorism.
  • A Reuters editor considers how media may publish balanced and reasonable stories about horrid terrorist events.
  • A senior Pentagon specialist on low intensity conflict–J Q Roberts–explains ‘how to build a CT team.’
  • French experience against terrorism is laid out by a co-author who, for many years, held the second position in French internal espionage services.
  • The history-and the present course-of terrorism are detailed by an editor who spent a career in the field supporting certain insurgents and opposing others.
  • Harmon’s 2 chapters include “How Terrorist Groups End,” a topic he began lecturing on right here at IWP a few years after the tragedy of 9-11.

If you would like a book signed by Dr. Harmon, please purchase it beforehand. Please click here for the book on the Barnes and Noble website, and on Amazon.

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