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Libya and Africa: Oil, Revolution and U.S. Interests

Thu, Sep 12, 2013, 4:30pm - 6:00pm

You are cordially invited to a lecture on the topic of

Libya and Africa: Oil, Revolution and U.S. Interests

Paul Michael Wihbey 
President, GWEST LLC

Thursday, September 12
4:30 PM

The Institute of World Politics
1521 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

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Paul Michael WihbeyPaul Michael Wihbey is president and founder of GWEST LLC. (Global Water and Energy Strategy Team), a Washington-based consulting firm specializing in the geopolitics of strategic resources such as oil, gas and water.

In May 2003, GWEST and FirstEnergy Capital Corp. of Calgary (a leading investment bank in the Canadian energy sector) announced their partnership for the publication of FirstCommentary/FirstInsight, a private-sector analytical quarterly of the global oil, gas and water markets. Issues covered include: Canada’s rise as an energy superpower; Alberta’s dramatic impact on the global and US oil markets; Canadian water exports to the US; Saudi Arabia, terrorism and oil; Petro-politics in Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, China and Russia; US vs Iran over the Persian Gulf; West Africa and US energy security, and; the post-9/11 challenge to OPEC.

In 2004, GWEST was contracted by the The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, under a grant from the National Commission on Energy Policy, to prepare a study on West African oil revenues and sustainable development. On July 19th 2005, the CBCF released the report, “Breaking the Oil Syndrome: Responsible Hydrocarbon Development in West Africa” at a conference at the Library of Congress attended by 100 delegates who were addressed by several U.S. Congressional Representatives, including Sheila Jackson Lee, Elijah Cummings and Alcee Hasting. As a result, he was invited to lecture at the TOTAL-founded Institute of Petroleum Studies (IPS), University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria in March 2006.

The report is follow-on to the June 2002 whitepaper, “African Oil: A Priority for US National Security and African Development” by the African Oil Policy Initiative Group (AOPIG). As an AOPIG co-chair, Mr. Wihbey was invited to lead an AOPIG delegation to Nigeria in July 2002. Sponsored by Emerald Energy Resources and AOPIG charter member, Dr. Emmanuel Egbogah, the American delegation held talks with President Obasanjo, met with Dr. Mohammed, Nigeria’s national security advisor, and other government dignitaries. Mr. Wihbey also had the honor to address leading members of Lagos’ energy and business communities at the Metropolitan Club.

Since the establishment of GWEST in late 2002, Mr. Wihbey has had the opportunity to provide in-person briefings on energy and energy-related issues to the heads of state of Nigeria, Ecuador, Congo/Brazzaville and Sao Tome & Principe. He has also briefed senior Congressional and Administration policy advisors including officials at the Departments of State, Commerce, Defense and Energy. Mr. Wihbey has written numerous articles and studies and has testified to the US Congress (House Africa Subcommittee, March 2000).

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