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You are cordially invited to a seminar on the topic of:
Cyber Intelligence and Statecraft

Larry Dietz

Date/ Time

Thursday, August 17th, 2023, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM


$475 per person


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About the seminar:

This virtual seminar steps away from the stove-piped approaches of specific federal agencies and provides a versatile toolkit for analyzing international incidents (both real-time incidents and potential future attacks) which impact our national security. The course addresses seminal works which drive current and future policy, discusses gaps in international law and agreements, and explores how the dearth of a common lexicon for engaging and speaking about global incidents is tantamount to a barrier for businesses, decision-makers, policy leaders, organization leads, media, and those service members and civilians on the daily front lines of both government and private industry cyber threat response and management.

About the instructor:

Larry Dietz brings a unique blend of expertise, as a retired Army Reserve Colonel specializing in intelligence and PSYOPS. He has over 30 years of diversified military and commercial information and cyber security experience.

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