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Centers of Study

IWP’s academic centers include the Center for Intermarium Studies, the Center for Culture and Freedom, the Center for Energy Security and Diplomacy, the Center for Human Rights and International Affairs, and the China Asia Progam.


The Center for Intermarium Studies (CIS) extends IWP’s academic offerings and research to include what some scholars deem to be the strategically critical geographic pivot of history.

The  Center  for  Culture  and  Freedom  is  a  collaborative effort  between  The  Institute  of  World  Politics  and  Asia America  Initiative  (AAI).

Energy security and energy diplomacy have emerged as critical global issues with far-reaching implications for nations, economies, and international relations.

IWP’s Center for Human Rights and International Affairs studies fundamental inalienable rights, how they are exported to the rest of the world, and their impact on politics abroad.

IWP’s China Asia Program encompasses academic courses, extracurricular lectures, and research about China and Asia.