Christopher C. Harmon

A Citizen's Guide to Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Publication Date: Thursday, December 19, 2013

This Citizen's Guide addresses the public policy issues of terrorism and counterterrorism in the United States after Bin Laden's death. Written for the thinking citizen and student alike, this succinct and up-to-date book takes a "grand strategy" approach toward terrorism and uses examples and issues drawn from present-day perpetrators and actors.  {read more}

Toward a Grand Strategy Against Terrorism

Publication Date: May 2010

A team of nearly two dozen authors-all associated with the Marshall Center, the joint German/American research and teaching institution in Garmisch-composed this extensive book, published May 2010.  {read more}

Terrorism Today

Publication Date: 2000 (second edition 2007)

The new edition of this best-selling insight into terrorism today has been fully updated and revised to include what the author terms the new 'militant Moslem international.' Drawing directly on the words and ideas of terrorists themselves, this book is an examination of patterns, current trends and future threats in terrorism worldwide.   {read more}

Statecraft and Power

Publication Date: 1994

These essays on strategy, war, and statecraft have been written during the current reassessment of United States' national strategy. But they also take strategic thinking back to certain principals and interests which have guided America before, during, and after the Cold War.  {read more}