Thomas P. Melady

Ten African Heroes: The Sweep of Independence in Black Africa

Publication Date: April 15, 2011

Up close and personal, this book takes a look at African leaders who ignited independence in Black Africa during the 1960s through the eyes of two American forerunners who knew them well.  {read more}

Faith, Family, Friends

A Few Glances at the Life of Thomas Patrick Melady: Diplomat, Educator, Soldier

Publication Date: 2003

In this engaging and elegantly written memoir, Thomas Patrick Melady describes how his personal and educational experiences as well as his involvement with the Catholic Church and the Republican Party shaped his character in academia and public service.  {read more}

Public Catholicism

The Challenge of Living the Faith in a Secular American Culture

Publication Date: May 1996

Thomas P. Melady served as editor of chapters by William Bennett, Michael Novak, Mary Ellen Bork, Ralph Reed Jr., Christopher Smith, and others.  {read more}

Catholics in the Public Square

The Role of Catholics in American Life, Culture, and Politics

Publication Date: May 1995

Amb. Thomas Melady edited this book with chapters by Congressman Henry Hyde, Governor Robert Casey, Tom S. Monaghan, and others.  {read more}

The Ambassador's Story

The United States and the Vatican in World Affairs

Publication Date: April 1994

This book is a memoir by the U.S. diplomat assigned to the Vatican (1989-93), Thomas P. Melady.    {read more}

Uganda: The Asian Exiles

Publication Date: May 1978

"The first major tyrannical act of Idi Amin was to expel the Ugandans of Asian background, including those born there. I was there during the expulsion and played a role in trying to ameliorate the damages."- Thomas P. Melady  {read more}

Idi Amin Dada

Hitler in Africa

Publication Date: 1977

"As a former Ambassador to Uganda, during the very difficult and some would say dangerous times of Idi Amin, my wife and I relate in some detail the situation in Uganda while he was the dictator."-Thomas P. Melady   {read more}

Witness to the Faith

Catholicism and Culture in the Public Square

Publication Date: September 1976

This book is a collection of speeches given at a National Convention of the Catholic Campaign for America by a variety of political, media, and education figures in the interest of recalling America to a reawakening of Judeo-Christian values.  {read more}

Burundi: The Tragic Years

Publication Date: 1974

A history of the several near-genocides that took place in Burundi, including the one toward the end of Thomas Melady's assignment as Ambassador (1969-1972).  {read more}

Development: lessons for the future

Publication Date: 1973

In this book, Dr. R.B. Suhartono, based on his experiences in the development work of the U.N., and Amb. Melady, primarily based on his experiences in Ethiopia, write about lessons learned.  {read more}

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