David Burgess

Former IWP Faculty Member

Professor David Burgess was appointed Chief of Operations of the Europe, Mediterranean and Asia Region of the Peace Corps in 2006 and concurrently served as Acting Regional Director for the Region's 20 countries from January 2009 to July 2010. Since 2006 he has also served at various times as Acting Country Director (CD) in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Moldova and the Philippines. Professor Burgess previously worked with internationally focused organizations over the years, including the State Department, the US Institute of Peace, World Learning, America's Development Foundation, and the Peace Corps.

With the Peace Corps in the 1980s he was CD in Morocco and Niger, and Acting CD in several other countries, including Mali, Upper Volta (Burkina Faso), Kenya, Senegal, and Zaire (Congo D.R.C.) Professor Burgess later served in Washington, DC as global Director of Planning and Policy Analysis for the Peace Corps.

Additional positions include work as an International Democracy and Development Consultant, providing strategic advice, problem-solving, and democracy assistance to clients in the US and overseas.

He is a veteran of the US Air Force, where he served as a Squadron Commander, General's Aide, Executive Officer, and Foreign Military Affairs Officer. Professor Burgess practiced law for some years, and holds J.D., M.S.F.S. and B.S.F.S. degrees from Georgetown University.

His professional expertise and accomplishments span such areas as international democracy, civil society building, ethics and anti-corruption efforts, human rights, NGO capacity-building, program development, management, local governance, media development, and the international rule of law.

His publications include articles in professional journals and curricular texts on topics including immigration, international law, and local government finance and management.

He has lived, and worked in several cultures and countries, including Turkey, Thailand, Morocco, Russia, and Rwanda and Niger. He used to be a pretty good chess player, and has been crushed by five different World Chess Champions.


  • B.S.F.S., 1970, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
  • J.D. and M.S.F.S., 1978, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
Contact: DBurgess@iwp.edu


  Immigration and National Security