Founding Political Warfare Documents of the United States

Publication Date: 2009

A 367-page collection of political warfare-related documents, pamphlets, essays, leaflets, declarations, speeches, laws, songs and satire by those who fought for - and against - American independence from 1763-1783. Designed specifically for the editor's Political Warfare: Past, Present and Future class and in the support of the development of psychological operations, information operations and strategic communication for the US military.  {read more}

The Public Diplomacy Reader

Publication Date: August, 2007

The first in the IWP course reader series, this edited volume provides a look at slices of public diplomacy: the art of communicating with foreign publics to influence international perceptions, attitudes and policies. Like any art form, the real definition of public diplomacy is subjective, and can be the source of lively and often bitter debates.  Rather than attempt to create a specific definition of public diplomacy, The Public Diplomacy Reader takes some of the most insightful and historically significant writings, statements and official documents, from a variety of professional disciplines and political perspectives, so the reader can develop his or her own sense of what the field is all about.  This book makes no pretensions about completeness. The editor found it challenging to keep it under 500 pages of actual text. Here is how The Public Diplomacy Reader is designed to serve the user: To provide in a single volume a useful primer on public diplomacy, straight from some of the leading thinkers and practitioners across time and culture.ISBN: 978-0-6151-5465-7     $34.95 paperback.  $49.95 hardcover.  {read more}

Fighting the War of Ideas like a Real War

Short-term Message Strategies to Combat the Terrorists

Publication Date: 2007

This ground-breaking monograph departs from the conventional view of public diplomacy and international communication in time of war and argues for deploying messages as weapons of attack against the terrorists and other extremists. Proposing an immediate-term strategy that requires no bureaucratic reorganization or major budgetary changes, Fighting the War of Ideas like a Real War is designed for quick implementation in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. The book complements the Defense Science Board's 2004 report on strategic communication, the State Department's evolving public diplomacy strategy, and the joint Army/Marines Counterinsurgency Field Manual FM 3-24 of 2006.  {read more}

Dismantling Tyranny

Transitions Beyond Totalitarian Regimes

Publication Date: 2006

Dismantling Tyranny is the first significant study of how new democracies handled the legacy of the secret police of the previous totalitarian regimes. Edited by Ilan Berman of the American Foreign Policy Council and IWP Annenberg Professor J. Michael Waller, Dismantling Tyranny contains chapters that study the cases of the Czech Republic, Estonia, the former East Germany, Lithuania, Nicaragua, Poland and Russia. This isn't just a history book. In the words of the publisher, "it is a guidebook designed to empower, inform, and guide future transitions toward democracy for those political leaders with the initiative and courage to embark upon such a visionary path."  {read more}

10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World

War Footing

10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World

Publication Date: 2005

Professor Waller was the principal author of the chapters on political warfare and hemispheric security. "This is the book the enemy doesn't want you to read.... We ARE in a war for our survival. War Footing is a blueprint to not just survive this threat, but vanquish it." - Monica Crowley, MSNBC.  {read more}

"Prisons as Terrorist Breeding Grounds"

The Making of a Terrorist, Vol. I

Publication Date: 2005

A chapter on terrorist recruitment in a three-volume book, The Making of a Terrorist: Recruitment, Training and Root Causes, edited by James J. F. Forest (Praeger, 2005).  {read more}

"Police, Secret Police, and Civil Authority"

The Rule of Law and Economic Reform in Russia

Publication Date: 1997

Chapter Six of The Rule of Law and Economic Reform in Russia edited by Jeffrey D. Sachs and Katharina Pistor at Harvard University. "Police, Secret Police, and Civil Authority" discusses the legacy of the KGB on the rule of law and economic recovery in the Russian Federation. The book is part of the John M. Olin Critical Issues Series of the Russian Research Center at Harvard University.  {read more}

"Commonwealth of Chekists"

The Successor States to the USSR

Publication Date: 1995

The chapter "Commonwealth of Chekists: The Former KGB Is Alive and Well in Post-Soviet Society," discusses the KGB legacy in Russia and the other republics of the former Soviet Union in this collection of articles edited by John W. Blaney and published by Congressional Quarterly Press.  {read more}

Secret Empire: The KGB In Russia Today

Publication Date: 1994

Russia's counterintelligence state survived the collapse of the Soviet Union and the transition toward democratic governance and a market economy. Secret Empire is the first detailed, scholarly investigation of Russia's post-Soviet security services. Published in 1994, it virtually predicted the rise of a KGB officer to lead Russia and appoint KGB veterans to run the Russian state. "Waller's volume highlights both the change and the continuity of the role of Russia's secret police." - Zbigniew Brzezinski.  ". . . the first detailed, scholarly analysis of Russia's security services since the formal dissolution of the USSR." - Uri Ra'anan, Director, Boston University Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology and Policy.  {read more}

"Will Democrats Control the Former KGB?"

Russian Pluralism: Now Irreversible?

Publication Date: 1993

Edited by Uri Ra'anan and his colleagues, this is the first academic book that questioned the sunny prognosis for democracy in post-Soviet Russia, and to predict the country's return to authoritarianism. Waller wrote the chapter on the KGB. Other authors include Yelena Bonner.  {read more}

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