Marek Jan Chodakiewicz

After the Holocaust: Polish-Jewish Conflict in the Wake of World War II

Publication Date: 2003

In Western popular discourse there exists an assumption that "Poles killed Jews" during and following the Holocaust. Further, some have even claimed that Jewish deaths in Poland in the wake of the Second World War are attributable to a Polish desire to bring to completion the Nazi plan of extermination.  {read more}

Poland's Transformation: A Work in Progress

Publication Date: 2003

This is a collection of essays on current Polish affairs, co-edited by Dr. Chodakiewicz, who also contributed two scholarly articles.  {read more}

Problems with Shock Therapy

Publication Date: 2002

The anthology was published by Fronda Publishers in Poland in response to Jan Gross's controversial book Neighbors. When faced with serious criticism, Gross and his supporters resorted to the argument that the book's main contribution lay in its "shock value."  {read more}

Ejszyszki: A Pogrom That Never Was

An Epilogue to Polish-Jewish Relations in Poland’s Eastern Borderlands [1944-1945]

Publication Date: 2002

Ejszyszki describes the complexity of inter-ethnic relations within the context of a total war in a multi-ethnic part of the world. Prof. Chodakiewicz analyzes the case of the small town of Ejszyszki in the eastern borderlands of prewar Poland (currently in Lithuania), where an operation by the anti-Nazi, anti-Bolshevik Polish Home Army (main underground resistance outfit) aimed at the Soviet secret police became tragically misinterpreted as a pogrom targeting the hamlet's Jewish population.  {read more}

Jews and Poles, 1918-1955

Coexistence, the Holocaust, and Communism

Publication Date: 2000

In this work Dr. Chodakiewicz offers a nuanced and comprehensive history of Polish-Jewish relations from the resurrection of an independent Polish state, following the end of the First World War, to the end of orthodox Stalinism in communist-occupied Poland. An updated edition of this work is forthcoming.  {read more}

The National Armed Forces

“The Tooth” Against Two Enemies

Publication Date: 1999

The National Armed Forces (NSZ) were a Polish right-wing nationalist underground resistance formation during the Second World War. They have often been falsely portrayed as "Polish fascists" or outright Nazi collaborators. Dr. Chodakiewicz's painstaking research on this organization has revealed conclusions which debunk this conventional wisdom.  {read more}

The Secret Face of the People’s Guard-People’s Army of the Polish Workers’ Party

Publication Date: 1997-1999

Every communist party had both an official face, which it chose to display to the general public, and a secret one, visible only to the narrow group of communist initiates. Such was also the case of the so-called Polish Workers' Party (PPR).  {read more}

Hicksville? On the Right and the Left

Publication Date: 1996

In this work of political theory, Dr. Chodakiewicz examines the history of the political currents we have come to call the "Left" and the "Right." Of the many false and ahistorical assumptions this book clarifies is the common misconception that the Nazis - i.e. the political movement known as the German National Socialist Workers' Party - represented the Right. In fact, Chodakiewicz demonstrates, it was a current of the radical left.  {read more}

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