Thomas P. Melady

House divided

Poverty, race, religion, and the family of man

Publication Date: 1969

This book is a call to American conscience to take an active and strategic role in overcoming the divisions and healing the wounds inflicted on the human family by poverty, race, and distorted religious understanding.  {read more}

Western Policy and the Third World

Publication Date: 1967

This book is a follow-up to the Revolution of Color, discussing what were the policies of the West toward the newly independent countries of Africa and Asia.  {read more}

The Revolution of Color

An overview of man's struggle for freedom

Publication Date: June 1966

This book is a geopolitical discussion of the rise to independence of the peoples in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world.  {read more}

Faces of Africa

Publication Date: 1964

Written as a supplementary textbook, Faces of Africa covers every country in Africa, giving a silhouette overview.  {read more}

Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia

Selections From His Writings

Publication Date: 1964

"Kenneth Kaunda is a personal friend of mine, and gave me many documents about his early life, which I used to help write the book."-Thomas P. Melady   {read more}

Profiles of African Leaders

Publication Date: 1962

"This is my first book, which fortunately received a major review in the New York Times, and covers nine of the African leaders in the 1950's that were fundamental in the sweep of independence."-Thomas P. Melady   {read more}

The White Man's Future in Black Africa

Publication Date: 1962

"Based on my experiences in Africa in the late 1950's, I discuss what I thought the future would be, both for the West and for the White settlers."-Thomas P. Melady   {read more}

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