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Saba Sattar

IWP Adjunct Professor; Asia-Pacific Subject Matter Expert: Crisis24
Saba Sattar

IWP Adjunct Professor; Asia-Pacific Subject Matter Expert: Crisis24

Professional Experience

Dr. Saba Sattar is a scholar-practitioner specializing in the Indo-Pacific region – a newly designated “priority theater” by the U.S. Department of Defense. Her expertise lies in crafting comprehensive policy strategies and meticulous risk assessments through a whole-of-government lens. She currently serves as a senior Asia-Pacific subject matter expert at Crisis24, an integrated risk management firm under GardaWorld— the world’s largest private security organization.

At Crisis24, she provides tactical and strategic evaluations in various forms, chiefly concerning the critical infrastructure sector. Her evaluations assist several stakeholders in enhancing their situational awareness in operational environments of high-risk strategic priority areas. Dr. Sattar has supported leading enterprises up to the C-suite level and high-level defense officials in mitigating emerging threats amid an escalating Sino-American structural competition in the priority theater through her subject matter expertise and consulting endeavors. She has also written numerous publications with prestigious news outlets and think tanks.

Dr. Sattar’s academic work emphasizes the significance of employing a viable integrated grand strategy by drawing historical lessons and strengthening Washington’s cultural intelligence apparatus to bolster international defense and security cooperation. At IWP, her doctoral thesis focused on implementing sustainable strategies to leverage India as a counterweight to China. Her dissertation, presented as a three-part interrelated monograph, addresses various aspects of escalating tensions, particularly in the gray-zone domain—the preferred realm for interstate conflict below the threshold of declared hostilities. She also explores practical ways to formalize the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue framework by providing an in-depth understanding of Chinese strategic doctrine and India’s unyielding commitment to observe political neutrality.

Dr. Sattar is fluent in English and three languages native to the Indian subcontinent: Bengali, Hindi, and Urdu. She has a foundational grasp of Mandarin and is actively advancing her proficiency in this language.


The Institute of World Politics

  • Doctor of Statecraft and National Security (awarded May 2022)
  • Master of Arts in Statecraft and National Security Affairs with a Specialization in National Security and Defense Studies (awarded May 2019)

George Mason University

  • Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Law, and Society with a Minor in Intelligence Analysis and Specialization in Homeland Security (awarded Dec. 2017)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Global Affairs with a Specialization in Global Governance (awarded Dec. 2017)