Professional Experience

Halper served in the White House (1971-1977) during the Nixon and Ford Administrations.

  • 1971-1973 White House Domestic Council;
  • 1973-74 White House Office of Management and Budge. Assist. Director, Management and Evaluation Division
  • 1974- January 20, 1977 White House Office of the Chief of Staff. Assistant to the Chief of Staff . (responsibilities included summary and analysis of foreign developments and security issues)
  • 1977-79 Legislative Assistant to Senator William Roth (R-Del.) and Special Counsel to the Joint Economic Committee.
  • 1979-80  National Director, Policy Development. George H.W. Bush. Presidential campaign
  • 1980  National Director, Policy Coordination, Reagan-Bush 1980 (presidential campaign)
  • 1981-1984 Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Politico-Military Affairs.
  • (Portfolio included China-US relations, Taiwan, non-proliferation, technology transfer, unconventional warfare.)

1984-1990 Chairman and majority shareholder:

  • The Palmer National Bank, Washington, D.C.
  • The National Bank of Northern Virginia, Leesburg, Va.
  • The George Washington National Bank, Alexandria, Va.

1990-2000 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Halper, Roosevelt and Brown.

1984-2001 Senior Advisor to the Department of Defense and a Senior Advisor to the Department of Justice.

1986 – 2000 Halper wrote a weekly nationally syndicated column appearing in 30 newspapers.  It focused on foreign policy and national security matters.  He also wrote a weekly script and hosted “World Wise,” a nationally televised program on foreign and national security affairs.  He did the same for “This Week From Washington,” a national radio program heard on 130 radio stations around the country.

In 2006, Stefan Halper was appointed a “Distinguished Fellow” at the Nixon Center in Washington, D.C.

Prof. Halper has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, the major cable programs, and radio in every major US market to comment on foreign policy. In April 2010, Halper was interviewed on 59 radio programs nationwide on his book “The Beijing Consensus”.

Major Research Documents:

In 2005, at the request of the Secretary of Defence, Professor Halper prepared a study of the Iraq War focusing of challenges and likely developments. The report drew upon the British Ministry of Defense, the US DOD, and academic, diplomatic, and intelligence analysts from both countries.

In 2009, at the request of the Secretary of Defence, Professor Halper developed an analysis of the Afghan End-Game (655 pages). This project drew on British, Russian and American policy-makers, military, intelligence and diplomatic officers and academics.   Both reports have been cited by senior DOD officials and members of the JCS.


  • Stanford University B.A. 1967 (With High Honors)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Oxford, 1971
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge. 2004