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Eligible students at The Institute of World Politics can finance their studies through federal student loans, private student loans, VA Educational Benefits, and a variety of scholarships and fellowships.

Federal Student Loans and V.A. Benefits

Financial Aid - Sarah and TJThe Institute is eligible for Title IV federal funds, which enable students to use federal student loans to fund their IWP education. For more information about federal student loans, please click the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) site here. Students at the Institute are also eligible for Veterans’ Affairs benefits.

2022-23 Federal Financial Aid Instructions

IWP offers students the opportunity to finance their education using the federal student loan programs. In order to apply for federal student loans, students should complete the following:

  • A 2022-23 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be found at FAFSA® Application | Federal Student Aid. IWP’s federal student code is G41144. If you are an applicant for Fall 2022, the priority date to submit the FAFSA for 2022-23 is June 8. If you are an applicant for Spring 2023, the priority date is December 1.
  • Additional documentation may be requested, including copies of your 2021 Federal Income tax forms. You do not need to submit the additional documents unless they are requested by the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Net Price Calculator

The Budget Control Act of 2011 made significant changes to the federal student loan program. Congress voted to eliminate the federal student loan subsidies for graduate students. This means that graduate students are only eligible for unsubsidized federal student loans and the credit-based Grad Plus loans. An unsubsidized student loan begins to accrue interest from the date of disbursement. You should keep this in mind when making your financial aid decisions for the 2022-23 academic year and beyond. Please click here for an Elimination of Federal Student Loan Interest Subsidy FAQ.

Students admitted for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 who have submitted the above items and are accepted into a Doctorate, Master’s or Certificate program for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 can expect to receive a Financial Aid Award Letter shortly after receiving their notice of admission, no later than mid-late June.

Returning students for 2022-23 who have submitted the above items can expect to receive an award letter for the 2022-23 academic year by July 1.

In order to be considered for federal student loans, one must meet the following general guidelines:

  • be a citizen, national, permanent resident, or other eligible non-citizen of the United States;
  • plan to enroll at least half time (at least 6 credit hours) in a Master’s or Certificate program. This applies to the summer term as well as the fall and spring terms;
  • have a valid U.S. social security number;
  • be in compliance with Selective Service registration, if male;
  • cannot be in default on any educational loan and not owe a refund on a grant or a loan at any institution; and
  • cannot have been convicted of certain drug offenses.

Director of Financial Aid: TJ Snowden

T.J. Snowden has been the Director of Financial Aid and Compliance Officer since May 2014. Dr. Snowden has been a higher education administrator, in the areas of enrollment management, financial aid, and veteran affairs, for more than 12 years. He holds bachelors and master’s degrees from the University of Georgia and Trinity Washington University, respectively. He recently graduated with his Doctorate in Education from the University of Georgia in May 2019. Prior to joining IWP, Dr. Snowden was the Associate Director of Financial Aid at Trinity Washington University in northeast Washington, D.C.

Mr. Snowden is available for consultations at 202-462-2101 x323 or via email at

More Information on Financial Aid

For other further information on financial aid and related topics, please see below: