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IWP Interns 2016

“I worked with Dr. Wayne Schroeder on researching U.S. bilateral security agreements, predominantly focusing on Japan. I wrote a paper examining the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty and how the security relationship between the two nations has developed from 1960 up until the present day.”
-Daniel Breslin, Summer 2021
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“The research skills I gained by working with Professor Santoli were beneficial, but the relationship I built with him and other IWP faculty and staff made this experience invaluable. The IWP internship has been an enlightening opportunity that I know will help kickstart my future career in international relations, peacebuilding, and diplomacy.”
-Mary Kate Godfrey, Summer 2021
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“Through my internship at IWP, I improved my research abilities and better defined my career goals. IWP is a phenomenal organization full of people ready and willing to teach and assist. I feel fortunate to have interned here.”
-Cole Penz, Spring 2021
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“I had access to opportunities no other internship could have given me. I had the chance to speak with former ambassadors, attend intelligence seminars with experts in the field, audit a class taught by a professor with an impressive national defense background, and take advantage of IWP’s career services.”
-Maria Fusca, Spring 2021
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“During my internship, I conducted research with Dr. David Glancy on Chinese propaganda and political warfare. I was tasked with researching various G20 countries and how they view China as a threat”
-Sally Bobbitt, Fall 2020
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“My internship with IWP was nothing short of fantastic. I learned that the IWP community is a family. Its staff and faculty care about your wellbeing, aspirations, and success.”
-Collins K. Alexander, Fall 2020
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“Interning with IWP also gave me access to its fantastic and prolific career services program directed by Derrick Dortch. Mr. Dortch took time out of his busy schedule to help me identify specific career goals and create a personalized game plan for entering the national security sector.”
-Amelia Whiteley, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021
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“For my research project, I worked with Mr. Dean Lane, IWP’s Senior Vice President for Cyber Intelligence. Working with Mr. Lane was extremely beneficial in expanding my knowledge into how much of an impact cyber has on national security and protecting critical infrastructure.”
-Hailey Comer, Fall 2020
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“From meeting with alumni and career services to attending lectures taught by experts in their craft, this internship has broadened my horizons and shown me many avenues of success.”
-Christopher Robinson, Summer 2020
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“Unlike other internships in which you are expected to help grow the company, IWP wanted to help me grow.”
-Amr Al-Kozbari, Summer 2020
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” I had the opportunity to research China’s geopolitical strategy and totalitarianism under Dr. John Lenczowski, IWP’s founder and president.”
-Elizabeth Sluka, Summer 2020
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“While working with Professor Tsagronis throughout the semester, I saw my research and critical thinking skills greatly improve. I got to do meaningful research on topics I was really interested in and cared about.”
Gillian Hand, Spring 2020

“I can say with certainty that an internship with IWP is unlike any other in D.C. The community here is full of uniquely driven and caring individuals who genuinely want to get to know you and see you succeed.”
-Stephanie Allen, Fall 2019
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“At IWP, the effort you put in never goes unnoticed, and the staff works tirelessly to provide interns with outstanding professional opportunities, connections, career counseling, and meaningful experiences.”
-Ignacio Videla, Fall 2019
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“Thanks to [IWP Career Services], I was to acquire a full-time job. Being able to talk about what I have done at this internship greatly impacted my success in the interview process.”
-Marco Salvo, Spring 2019
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“The Institute of World Politics has been a long-time top internship opportunity for ROTC cadets in the Georgetown Battalion. Many of us have similar ambitions, and IWP has a track record of setting up these cadets for success in their fields.”
-Caleb Smith, Spring 2019
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“IWP has exposed me to practitioners from all disciplines across the national security field. The opportunities for personal and professional growth, networking, and real-world experience have been unparalleled.”
-Amanda Custer, Summer 2018
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“Each new day at IWP proved to be a different and unique challenge, as I met a wide range of practitioners and experts in politics and statecraft across Washington.”
-Katie Lynch, Fall 2017
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“One thing is for certain: the IWP will open doors for you if you are willing to take advantage of its opportunities.”
-Nicole Pope, Spring 2017
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“I cannot recommend IWP enough to any college student seeking an internship.”
-Sean Crowley, Summer 2016
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“I was immediately impressed by the level of expertise on global politics that individuals at IWP brought to the table.”
-Daniel Staiber, Fall 2015
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“The Institute of World Politics instilled in me a commitment to work in international politics, a deep appreciation for the instruments of global power, and a community of brilliant and dedicated individuals that became like a family away from home.”
-Patrick Gallagher, Summer 2015
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“I found that the IWP truly epitomizes the highest standard of national security education and prepares leaders for success in the fields of intelligence and national security.”
Greg Willey, Fall 2014
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“Starting on the first day, interns at IWP are placed alongside practitioners of intelligence and security matters who provide an unrivaled opportunity to learn from the faculty’s wealth of public and private sector experiences.”
Tyler Deffebach, Fall 2014
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“I first applied for the internship with the expectation that most of the internship would consist of phone calls, database entry, and administrative work, but that it would still be worth the opportunity to work in Washington, D.C.  I’ve never been so excited to be wrong.”
John Hoffner, Summer 2014
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“During my time aiding COL Mennes, I conducted research on National Security reform, interagency coordination, successes and failures of AFRICOM, and many other related subjects to help in his publication for Army War College.”
Haley Ashcom, Fall 2013
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“The IWP experience is truly what you choose to make of it, but my brief time there gave me cause for reflection not only on the type of student I wish to be for my latter two undergraduate years, but also on the type of leader I aspire to one day become.”
Alexander Teague, Summer 2013
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“I have an interest in international affairs, conflict resolution and diplomacy, all of which greatly affect those serving in the military, and I couldn’t have chosen a better institution for learning and experience these fields.”
Austin Worth, Fall 2009
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