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The IWP Internship Experience: Alondra Class

Alondra Class

The Institute of World Politics internship program is a great program for individuals who are interested in a career in national security and international affairs. I learned about IWP through a career fair at my undergraduate university, The Catholic University of America. IWP immediately stood out given the remarkable faculty and staff, as well as the incredible resources they provide to both students and interns.

As part of the internship experience, I was assigned to work with Dr. Daniels, the Chair of Law and Human Rights and the Founder of the Center for Human Rights and International Affairs at IWP. During this time, I worked with a group of fellow interns to provide research to Dr. Daniels for the launch of his new book, Human Liberty 2.0: Advancing Human Rights in the Digital Age. It was an incredible experience to learn from Dr. Daniels about his area of expertise.

What I enjoyed most about my time at IWP was the opportunities and responsibilities I had. The staff always allowed me have control of the tasks that I wanted to take on and made sure that they corresponded with my interests. At IWP, I wasn’t just an intern who made copies and coffee; I had real responsibilities, which made me feel valued. The staff was always eager to talk with me, answer any questions that I had, or give professional advice that I might need. I will always be grateful for my time at IWP. I have met so many incredible people who have taught me so much in such a short amount of time. I’m confident that all the knowledge I’ve acquired during my time at IWP will be of great use to me throughout the rest of my professional career.

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