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IWP interns reflect on their experience

Thirteen interns from colleges and universities around the United States, recently celebrated the completion of the IWP summer internship program. They worked on various topics including counterterrorism, cyber intelligence, cybersecurity, and human rights. Here, they reflect on their experiences doing research, connecting with IWP faculty and staff, and growing professionally.

Marguerite Eftimiades

“I wanted an enriching internship experience that would expose me to the intelligence perspective of my career field. Working for just one semester with IWP has done that and so much more for me.”
-Marguerite Eftimiades
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Cedric Shutts

“In the past three months, the internship program has helped affirm my interest in national security issues and established the framework for the future of my professional career. I strongly recommend The Institute of World Politics internship program to any young professional eager to network with notable members of the U.S. national security or international affairs realm.”
-Cédric Shutts
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Lauren Trull

 “As an undergraduate student interested in international affairs and attending law school, I was excited about the opportunity to work on the Human Rights team with Dr. Matthew Daniels. We focused our research on promoting the Human Liberty 2.0 campaign, drawing attention to human rights violations around the world, and using creative digital media to promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”
-Lauren Trull
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Alondra Class

“At IWP, I wasn’t just an intern who made copies and coffee; I had real responsibilities, which made me feel valued. The staff was always eager to talk with me, answer any questions that I had, or give professional advice that I might need.”
-Alondra Class
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Rachel Kronk

“I felt encouraged and empowered by many of the staff at IWP. When it came to outside research or job searches, everyone was more than willing to provide feedback as well as potential networking opportunities.”
-Rachel Kronk
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Quil Kibak

“As a rising senior at Dickinson College, majoring in political science, securing a profound summer internship was my top priority. The IWP experience was uniquely able to further both my professional and academic goals in such a way that a more traditional institution would not have been able to.”
-Quil Kibak
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Shelby Wilson

“Overall, this internship was one of the most impactful and influential experiences that I have had during my undergraduate years. I have developed skills that will be useful and marketable for any future internship or job.”
-Shelby Wilson
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China Llanos

“My experience at IWP has not only been hands on in the sense that in my day-to-day work I am assisting in researching and writing about topics that pique my interest, but also in the sense that I am constantly able to interact with people whose careers I aspire to pursue.”
-China Llanos
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