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The IWP Internship Experience: Amr Al-Kozbari

As a sophomore at New York University, I was looking to gain a better understanding of the career path I would like to pursue. Having a background in the technical aspects of computer science and data science, I wanted to learn about those aspects not taught in college. When I heard about IWP, I knew this was where I needed to be. In addition to being paired with faculty members who specialize and have experience in cybersecurity and national intelligence, I believed that my experience at the Institute would be unparalleled, and it truly was.

The internship gave me something that I did not expect, which was independence. I was able to conduct my research and expand on it based upon my intuitions of what would be important. With the guidance of a mentor, I was able to fully develop independent thoughts that reflected my dedication to my research. The independence that was given allowed me to strengthen my communication, networking, and research skills that otherwise would have remained the same. My experience researching at IWP was greatly beneficial. Unlike other internships in which you are expected to help grow the company, IWP wanted to help me grow.

In addition to the many skills that I learned, IWP’s career services were of tremendous support. They helped me improve my resume and apply to scholarships that I otherwise would not have known about. Furthermore, the career services wanted to see my intern class succeed after IWP. They even helped me start the process of contacting new agencies for internship opportunities and advised on the process of obtaining a security clearance.

What stuck out to me the most about IWP is the passion that everyone has for their field of work. Every individual that I had the honor to meet wanted to see the interns grow and become the next generation of leaders that will help make the world a better place. IWP gave me tremendous opportunities to meet leaders of every field, as well as individuals who are notable experts in their field. I was able to gain knowledge in the realm of cyber intelligence, learn how to better navigate my last two years in college, and work to excel in my chosen career field.

If I could leave a piece of advice for future interns, it would be to make the most out of your time at IWP. You will truly only get what you put into this internship. You are given every opportunity to excel, be creative, and take initiative, yet it all begins with you.

Amr Al-Kozbari
Summer 2020

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