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The IWP Internship Experience: Gavin

During my internship at IWP, I took two classes and researched grand strategy under Dr. Frank Marlo. I was also fortunate enough to participate in two wargame simulations. Despite the internship being fully remote, the experience was incredibly beneficial to my understanding of statecraft and national security. The Institute provided interns with excellent opportunities to take classes, research topics, participate in activities, and build our resumes. Career Services Director Mr. Derrick Dortch assisted me and my fellow interns with all manner of career questions and opportunities, treating us no differently than full-time students.

IWP is an institution that exemplifies the values of the American founding. My internship experience has made me firmly believe that these principles will be stewarded effectively in the statecraft and national security environments of the future. The expert instructors, dedicated staff, and my fellow students were each sources of great inspiration. A clear appraisal of the threats the United States faces is paramount, and I found that the men and women of IWP understand this better than anyone I have met.

IWP’s internship program is an ideal entrance to the world of statecraft and national security. The ability to learn from top practitioners across multiple fields was invaluable as I gained the experience necessary to advance my career.

Fall 2020

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