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The IWP Internship Experience: Isabel C. Tapies

As a research assistant intern for The Institute of World Politics, I gained valuable experience in combining my interests in international affairs with the responsibilities of assisting institutional operations. For instance, I provided administrative support to the Events and Communications department for time-sensitive tasks, such as proofreading alumni newsletters, as well as writing and submitting articles on past lecture events to be published on the IWP website.

A large part of my time with the Institute consisted of collaborating with the Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Frank Marlo. In addition to collaborating with him in weekly one-on-one meetings to produce a 20-page research project on U.S.-China relations, I was also tasked with preparing and distributing course evaluations for the graduate-level courses. Upon receiving the results, I condensed the assessments of IWP professors for 23 different courses and produced a course evaluation report, which Dr. Marlo expects future interns to recreate in the semesters to come.

Through these experiences, my adaptability proved effective concerning working on projects outside of my regional expertise. While my interests lie in East Asian affairs, I was able to learn and write about the implications of Russian aggression for U.S. foreign policy, Estonian defense strategy principles, and projected U.S. policy approaches towards the South Caucasus under the Biden administration. I am so grateful for the skills I have acquired throughout this internship, and I look forward to maintaining contact with IWP interns and faculty in the future.

Isabel C. Tapies
Spring 2021

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