Internship Experience

The IWP Internship Experience: Juline Horan

As a sophomore at the Catholic University of America studying world politics and minoring in intelligence studies and Islamic world studies, I was looking for internships that would give me experience and prepare me for a career in national security and international affairs. I came across The Institute of World Politics during a virtual career fair, and I am now so glad that I did! The Institute of World Politics has undoubtedly set me up for success and surpassed all my expectations.

During my time at IWP, I was a research assistant with Mr. Dean Lane, the senior advisor of cyber intelligence at IWP. He was a great mentor, and I did all sorts of research and projects on data privacy, cybersecurity, and more. During my time working with Mr. Lane, I saw my writing, research, and critical thinking skills improve greatly. I got to do meaningful research and explore a whole new topic – cyber intelligence and security – that I did not know I had an interest in. Mr. Lane was always there to encourage me through my research and provide feedback to improve my work.

One of the best parts about IWP is the people you will work with. Everyone is very encouraging and genuinely wants to help you succeed. All staff members cheer you on and believe in you. At IWP, you will never be tasked with busy work. Interns will participate in meaningful research, writing important papers, and helping out the events team with all of their great events. Moreover, your hard work never goes unnoticed. I have learned so much and have already seen my research, writing, and critical thinking skills improve immensely.

IWP provides an endless number of unparalleled opportunities. My advice for any future IWP intern is to take advantage of every possible opportunity that comes your way. The events team puts on so many amazing events, including alumni mentoring events and roundtable discussions. Take advantage of these opportunities, plus the lecture lunches that are set up specifically for interns. Do not be afraid to ask questions or reach out to the speakers. Everyone at IWP wants to help you succeed and aid you in your professional development. Additionally, take advantage of career counseling with Mr. Derrick Dortch, IWP’s director of career services. He has so many great resources.

I highly recommend applying to IWP for the internship program. They provide an unmatched experience. You will end your time here feeling accomplished and wake up every morning excited and with a purpose. Each new day will provide something different and unique, but The Institute of World Politics gives you the skills to handle anything!

Juline Horan
Spring 2021

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