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The IWP Internship Experience: Katie Boutwell

During my time with The Institute of World Politics, I served as a national security research assistant and intern. As a senior at Westminster College, I was looking to gain more insight on what was next, including the possibility of graduate studies. Having a background in global affairs and world languages, I wanted to continue connecting these aspects to form a broader picture of my future career goals. Upon entering the IWP internship, I knew this was exactly where I needed to be.

Having the opportunity to work alongside Dr. David Glancy, I conducted fulfilling research on political warfare and economic statecraft and its effects on the global sphere. On top of contributing to his research process, I attended events sponsored by IWP, interacted with alumni, and audited graduate-level courses, which created an overall outstanding experience.

Although this experience has been strictly remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I cannot see how the internship could have been more phenomenal. The IWP internship experience is truly comprehensive and fulfilling to the highest degree. I move forward from this internship with knowledge in fields I would not have gained anywhere else. While my time with The Institute of World Politics was brief, it allowed me to immerse myself in a field few undergraduate students can experience firsthand.

Reflecting on this experience, I would recommend future interns take advantage of all the phenomenal opportunities provided during your internship. All of the resources provided are there to ensure your success, from career services, class audits, and access to brilliant staff and professors.

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