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The IWP Internship Experience: Ariana Orcera

Ariana Orcera

As an upcoming graduate from Assumption University, I knew I wanted to pursue my master’s degree. I researched various national security graduate programs, but none captured what I was looking for until I found The Institute of World Politics. When I found out they also had an internship program where I could serve as a research assistant to one of IWP’s professors and audit a graduate-level course, I immediately applied to the internship and M.A. program. Shortly after, I got accepted into the summer 2021 internship and IWP’s Master of Arts in Statecraft and National Security Affairs program.  

This internship exceeded my expectations. First, I learned about the Institute and what they offer from various points of view as a research assistant, intern, and student. I researched with Professor Albert Santoli on cultural psychology, cybersecurity, and inter-generational divisions within our society. With his guidance, I expanded my knowledge, research skills, and presentation skills based on what I thought was important within the different topics we examined. It was a marvelous learning experience that I know will help me in my professional development.

In addition to assisting one of IWP’s professors, you get to intern with the events and communications team. You work on all sorts of projects, from writing event summaries for webinars given by notable experts in their field and drafting website articles and social media posts. Because of these projects, you get exposed to the different events happening at IWP, what professors specialize in, and new topics that may be interesting for you to learn about in the future.   

Lastly, as an intern, you get to experience being a student at the Institute. Getting to audit a class was highly beneficial as it helped me prepare for what to expect from graduate-level courses. However, for any undergrad, having the opportunity to experience and fully engage in a graduate-level course at a prestigious school like IWP is a privilege many do not get to experience. If I could leave one piece of advice for future interns, it would be to take advantage of everything this internship offers. At IWP, interns have opportunities to excel, grow, and take the initiative, but it is all up to you and how much effort you are willing to put in. 

Ariana Orcera
Summer 2021

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