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The IWP Internship Experience: Caroline Boyd

Caroline Boyd

As someone interested in foreign affairs and working towards a career in foreign service, coming across the IWP internship program was like finding buried treasure for me. The mission of IWP is essential in today’s international climate, and I was thrilled to be a part of that mission through the internship program. Interning with the events and communications team allowed me to expand my knowledge of international relations and combine that with my interest in communications. 

Because of the unfamiliar virtual environment of the pandemic, I was nervous about figuring out how to work remotely and how I could contribute something of importance in such unprecedented times. Despite the circumstances, the events and communications team at IWP always put me in a position to reach my goals and do meaningful work. Thanks to their help and proactivity, I achieved my goals of improving my writing skills and expanding my network virtually. Furthermore, my supervisors were never hesitant to provide constructive feedback and were always so kind in guiding me to be a better young professional.  

The IWP community is one that truly receives you with open arms and propels you towards achieving your goals. The opportunities provided to interns are endless and include access to career services, class audits, career seminars with alumni, and lecture lunches with faculty. Because of my hectic schedule during the summer, I was unable to immediately take advantage of all the opportunities provided to interns. Nonetheless, the internship coordinators and other staff were more than willing to work with me to ensure that I utilized these opportunities and gained the full internship experience. Unlike other internships, I experienced firsthand that IWP wasn’t only interested in what I could do for them but what they could do for me. I immediately felt like part of the IWP family and was continuously assured that I was doing meaningful work.  

While my time at IWP was short, I take heart in knowing that I have a community there which is genuinely invested in my future and wanted to prepare me to be a proactive member of the general national security community. Assimilating into this community and participating in this internship has made me more passionate about the mission of IWP and more excited to pursue my career dreams.

Caroline Boyd
Summer 2021

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