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The IWP Internship Experience: Daniel Breslin

Throughout my time at IWP, I worked as a research assistant and intern. Specifically, I worked with Dr. Wayne Schroeder on researching U.S. bilateral security agreements, predominantly focusing on Japan. I wrote a paper examining the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty and how the security relationship between the two nations has developed from 1960 up until the present day. This research experience has helped me improve my writing and research skills and better understand academic writing on a graduate level.

In addition to research, I also had a shift with the events team, where I completed administrative tasks. My favorite project, mainly because it was the most rewarding, was writing an article on a webinar given by Dr. Peter Campbell of Baylor University for IWP discussing the life, leadership, and strategy of Ulysses S. Grant. I enjoyed watching the lecture and then finding a way to summarize Dr. Campbell’s words into an articulate and digestible write-up.

As an intern, I was also able to attend Lecture Lunches with IWP faculty that covered a wide range of topics from morality and culture within an international relations perspective to cybersecurity. Lastly, I had the opportunity to sit in on an IWP course, International Relations, Statecraft, and Integrated Strategy, taught by Dr. Christopher Hull. This class examined real-world problems and applications of IR theory. I greatly enjoyed being in a discussion-based class where my classmates got to voice, rationalize, and share their opinions.

My time at IWP was exemplary, from attending graduate classes and participating in research to the career services and advice provided by both the university and its professors. Overall, I view this internship as a valuable experience for myself and my future career goals!

Daniel Breslin
Summer 2021

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