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The IWP Internship Experience: Lucas Burgard

This summer, I worked as an events and communications intern at The Institute of World Politics. When I began the internship, I had just finished up my freshman year at American University. At the time, I felt lost in terms of my career aspirations. I had many different academic interests, such as international relations and strategic communications, but I was not sure how they would align to create a successful and rewarding career path.  

My internship at IWP introduced me to the exciting world of events and communications while still offering me the opportunity to attend lectures regarding international relations and national security. I was able to gain many academic and professional skills in areas that related precisely to my interests, an experience that I could not find at many other internships. For instance, I attended “Lecture Lunches” with notable IWP faculty members, such as cyber intelligence professor Joseph Billingsley and IWP Founder and Chancellor John Lenczowski. I also was afforded the opportunity to speak extensively with Director of Career Services Derrick Dortch. Through career workshops, Mr. Dortch helped me find internship opportunities, training, and professional organizations that best suited my goals and interests. 

Besides attending workshops and educational enrichment opportunities, I spent a lot of time completing first-hand tasks for the events and communications team. I was able to edit and review newsletters, write up student and alumni spotlights, edit videos and digital media content, and so much more. I truly value my IWP internship experience. I highly recommend that anyone interested in international affairs, national security, or strategic communications consider applying for an IWP internship.  

Lucas Burgard
Summer 2021

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