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The IWP Internship Experience: Jack Browne

As a junior at American University, I was looking for an internship that would allow me to engage with pertinent issues in American foreign policy. I am immensely glad that I could fulfill this goal at The Institute of World Politics.

As an events and communications intern, I was able to attend and assist with a variety of IWP events such as commencement, the 30th (+1!) Anniversary Gala and Chancellor’s Dinner, and the annual Christmas party. These events brought me into close contact with IWP staff, faculty, alumni, and students, who were all welcoming and excited to discuss my goals, interests, and career aspirations. Everyone at IWP is genuinely interested in your success and advancement as a professional.

A major aspect of the internship was the chance to write for the IWP website. Throughout the internship, I drafted articles for different IWP events and announcements, bringing me into close contact with the lectures and projects of IWP’s faculty and various other practitioners in the field of international relations. By interacting with these different projects, I gained valuable insight into modern-day issues facing policymakers, civil servants, and academics.

Also, an advantage of the internship is the opportunity to work with IWP’s career services. Coming into this internship, I was sure of my interest in international relations but had little knowledge of which career route I wanted to pursue. IWP’s director of career services, Mr. Derrick Dortch, helped me narrow down my options and design a plan of advancement towards my goals. He even helped me better understand the exact qualities employers were looking for in candidates.

I sincerely enjoyed my time at IWP and am happy to have made some new friends among the interns and students. I highly recommend participating in an IWP internship to anyone interested in international relations.

Jack Browne
Fall 2021

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