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The IWP Internship Experience: Fiona Lynch

As a senior at The Catholic University of America studying World Politics with a concentration in U.S. Intelligence, I have had many internships throughout my college career, but none that tied directly with my interests in national security and intelligence studies. The Institute of World Politics Spring 2022 program provided me with the experience I needed. The abundance of opportunities IWP afforded its interns, including access to the academic programs and research mentors, assured me that IWP was the perfect fit for my career goals.

Throughout the semester, I was provided the opportunity to audit Professor Paul Schilling’s course “Intelligence and the Law.” In addition to the weekly class audit where I learned how the U.S. Intelligence Community operates within the U.S. legal system, a colleague and I met with Dr. Schilling once a month to discuss our research surrounding the relationship between the U.S. Senate Church Committee report recommendations and the role of U.S. Attorneys today. Professor Schilling is an intelligent, thoughtful, and engaging professor who made the interns feel like they were a part of the IWP graduate student cohort.

The networking aspect of my internship was also very beneficial. The lectures and alumni career sessions allowed me to learn from individuals working in job sectors that are of interest to me. The Director of Career Services, Dr. Dortch, made himself readily available for the interns and provided us with resources and opportunities to expand our job search.

What I loved most about IWP, however, were the supervisors and staff members. IWP is a welcoming environment that fosters not only academic and professional growth, but also personal growth. I would like to sincerely thank my intern supervisor, Mason Taylor, for not only providing me with this internship opportunity, but for fostering a positive environment that made my internship experience truly enjoyable.

Fiona Lynch
Spring 2022

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