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The IWP Internship Experience: Annette Lee

Throughout my internship at IWP, I conducted research with Dr. David Glancy on Chinese political warfare strategies against Taiwan in diplomacy, information, military, and economics. This study covers China’s various political warfare behaviors against Taiwan from January to March 2022, such as overt vs. covert, direct vs. indirect, catalytic vs. corrosive, etc. Unlike my experiences at my university, IWP allows for more one-on-one research and discussion opportunities. Fortunately, under Dr. Glancy’s patient guidance, my research and oral skills have improved.

In addition to research, I had a weekly administrative shift, in which I learned to greet and guide guests at the front desk, answer incoming phone calls, and assist faculties with some office work. I also wrote some online articles related to IWP events and trustees. Most of the write-ups I conducted were summaries of a speech or event. I think the administrative duties I completed at IWP were helpful for my professional training. Moreover, I audited a class named “International Relations, Statecraft, and Integrated Strategy” for free during this internship. Students were encouraged to participate and share thoughtful insights in discussions in the class.

Overall, whether it is the individual research with a professor, working as an administrative assistant at the front desk, or auditing a course at the Institute, I have benefited a lot from every part of this experience. The IWP internship program is an excellent starting point for recent graduates like me before entering my career field. With the assistance of every faculty member, I consider this internship an unforgettable and valuable experience.

Annette Lee
Spring 2022

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