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Spring interns reflect on their experience

25 interns from around the United States and the world recently completed the IWP spring internship program. They worked on various research topics including energy transition in emerging markets, Russia-U.S. relations, cultural diplomacy, the conflict in Ukraine, and intelligence and the legal system. Here, they reflect on their experience doing research, assisting with institutional operations, auditing courses, connecting with IWP faculty and staff, and growing professionally.

“The ability to meet faculty and students at varying stages of their careers across many fields was a great way to expand my network as well as hear inside perspectives on many different career paths that I had wondered about.”
-Blake Ammerlaan
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Simon Chrétien Headshot

“I was really fortunate that IWP was accommodating for me to conduct my internship virtually. Although I was at home in New Zealand for the full duration of my internship, I felt very connected to the academic staff I was working alongside. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at IWP, which involved me producing research related to Russia-USA relations, and I would recommend anyone to take part in this experience.”
– Simon Chrétien

Sophie Collins

“I learned about the use of political warfare and researched how the works of ancient Chinese strategists still affect China and their use of political warfare in the modern world.  This research expanded my worldview of international relations to include strategies outside of traditional warfare – methods that are critical to understanding current global politics.”
-Sophie Collins
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Holly Horton

“My area of focus was Chinese influence operations.  In addition, I studied totalitarianism and its impact on society’s past, present, and future.”
-Holly Horton
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“Throughout my internship at IWP, I conducted research with Dr. David Glancy on Chinese political warfare strategies against Taiwan in diplomacy, information, military, and economics.”
-Annette Lee
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Fiona Lynch

“In addition to the weekly class audit where I learned how the U.S. Intelligence Community operates within the U.S. legal system, a colleague and I met with Dr. Schilling once a month to discuss our research surrounding the relationship between the U.S. Senate Church Committee report recommendations and the role of U.S. Attorneys today.”
– Fiona Lynch
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Caden O'Neal

“I truly believe that a great mentor knows how to bring out the best in their students and how to inspire them to achieve success beyond what the interns envisioned themselves capable of achieving. For me, Prof. Santoli is one of those great mentors.”
– Caden O’Neal
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Lilly Thumm Headshot

“I worked for four months alongside Dr. Sara Vakhshouri as she examined energy transition in emerging markets, specifically countries in Africa.”
-Lilly Thumm
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