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The IWP Internship Experience: Abby Lamm

Abby Lamm HeadshotAs a rising senior at the University of Notre Dame double majoring in Political Science and Global Affairs, I wanted to explore my opportunities after graduation. The internship program at the Institute of World Politics allowed me to do this because of its unique approach. Because the Institute of World Politics summer internship program is run through a graduate school, it included both auditing graduate-level courses and conducting research with a graduate professor. This dual approach was unique from other summer internship programs and allowed me to explore two possible post-graduate opportunities that I could pursue, higher education or a career relating to my undergraduate degree.

While at the Institute of World Politics, I audited two courses focusing on diplomatic relations and conflict resolution. As someone who is interested in pursuing a career with the State Department, being introduced to these integral topics that a Foreign Service Officer would need was invaluable. In addition to auditing these courses, I was also able to attend numerous lectures throughout the summer. IWP alumni hosted various lectures to discuss different topics of political science and global affairs, as well as different possible career opportunities in Washington, D.C. Through these courses and lectures, I did not just learn about different topics and careers that I could pursue, but I was also introduced to people who could help me in this pursuit.

In addition, I conducted research with Professor Albert Santoli. Professor Santoli’s work with his non-profit organization in the Pacific Island region was an integral part of my research. I helped him coordinate with this organization, gaining tangible experience in the realm of NGOs and INGOs. In addition, I learned about a new region of the world and how humanitarian aid can be applied here. I hope to use both the skills that I gained and the information that I learned to inform my senior capstone project for my Civil and Human Rights concentration. Overall, the experiences that IWP offered me this summer were invaluable and will continue to help me throughout my academic and professional careers.

Abby Lamm
Summer 2023

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