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The IWP Internship Experience: Rachel Reger

Rachel RegerBeing an intern at the Institute of World Politics is like being a painter with a palette of endless colors. In other words, The Institute of World Politics allows interns like me to have numerous opportunities for academic growth, career exploration, networking with faculty and alumni, and to visit various Washington sites. These experiences have made an impact on my life and provided me with a better vision for my future career.

One of my favorite things while being an intern was being able to work with Dr. David Glancy and complete two research projects that focused on Chinese propaganda and its influence in America. During these projects, Dr. Glancy guided me to develop a deeper understanding of the world, specifically how propaganda and political warfare can be used to influence and undermine states. Additionally, each research project provided me with a challenge to analyze how countries use propaganda and how political cartoons aid such influencing efforts. I look forward to using the research I have completed as the foundation not only for my undergraduate senior seminar capstone but also for the area in which I want to specialize. I wouldn’t be able to have made these conclusions about my future without the help of the IWP faculty and internship.

The Institute of World Politics’ internships truly impact aspiring leaders in the National Security field and provide so many invaluable resources for paths to success, from sharing various intellectual conversations with fellow interns to utilizing IWP’s exceptional Career Services. I am nothing but appreciative of the internship experience, the Institute’s esteemed faculty, their mission in creating leaders who understand the realities of international affairs, and the lifelong connections that I have made with fellow interns. I am excited to share my experiences with others and thrilled for all future interns of the program.

Rachel Reger
Summer 2023

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