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The IWP Internship Experience: Anagha Chakravarti

Anagha Chakravarti HeadshotWhile I was flying back to Washington D.C. after spending my summer in India and the Philippines, I received an offer to be a fall 2023 intern at The Institute of World Politics. IWP has been my dream internship for a while – ever since I learned about it through a career fair at Georgetown University in spring 2022. By that time, I had declared my major and was taking courses focusing on U.S. foreign policy, history’s influence in politics, and military security. As an international student, having another chance to intern in Washington D.C., and in my direct field and position of interest was a true blessing. As a junior majoring in International Politics with previous internship experience in D.C., India, and the Philippines, IWP served as the best next step for me. 

I worked with Professor Joshua Muravchik this semester and helped him compile sources and research on various topics that were highly relevant to my interests and the news. For example, I gathered and summarized sources on the U.S. foreign policy stances of the current Republican Presidential candidates and researched different perspectives on the Israel-Hamas war, such as the statements made by U.S. university presidents. The topics were interesting and timely and allowed me to engage in meaningful discussions with the professor. He can explain complex topics and cover periods of history in a very clear and concise manner. His knowledge and background are unparalleled, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with and learning from him.

I audited a course with Dr. Timothy McCranor on Western Moral and Political Thought, which introduced and discussed various philosophers and their stances on human conduct, ethics, statecraft, and law. Through this class, I was able to expand upon my previous learning from philosophy courses at Georgetown and gain invaluable exposure to a graduate-level course.

Apart from researching with Professor Muravchik, auditing a course with Professor McCranor, and helping out during my weekly admin shifts, I had the opportunity to interact with IWP staff, esteemed faculty members, and the lovely fellow interns. I attended lecture lunches with Professor Glenn Corn and Ms. Kelley DeConciliis. Their experience and work in the field of national security, international affairs, government, and intelligence was very inspiring to learn about.

IWP was an incredibly memorable, enriching, and substantive opportunity. I was able to embrace my academic interests through research and discussions. The Institute is so welcoming and inclusive, and it promotes a dynamic environment – helping foster a passion for international security and military statecraft. I challenged myself by engaging in these interests outside the classroom through this internship and feel equipped with the tools and understanding to continue my education and career journey. 

Anagha Chakravarti
IWP Intern, Fall 2023

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