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The IWP Internship Experience: Cade Llewellyn

Cade Llewellan at the PentagonThroughout my time working at IWP, I was a research and administrative intern. I worked most closely with Dr. Christopher C. Harmon, helping edit his upcoming book on Winston Churchill. I edited his whole manuscript, and periodically, we would meet and discuss the book and Churchill himself. This research experience through the editing process has helped me improve my writing and research skills while understanding what publishers look for in books.

In addition to research, I also worked a weekly administrative shift. There, I worked with Mr. Mason Taylor and completed various tasks around campus. I always enjoyed helping the events team set up all the after-hours events, namely the Christmas Party and the Alumni Speed Networking. Interacting with all the staff, along with students and any alumni that walked through the front doors, was always a pleasure and brought me some of my favorite moments from working at IWP.

As an intern, I was also able to attend government tours led by either IWP faculty or alumni. The two I attended were at the Department of Justice and the Pentagon.

My time at IWP was beyond great, from assisting Dr. Harmon to working the admin shift and gaining crucial access to career services. I was able to hear advice from the students and professors, who want only the best for everyone who walks through the campus doors. Overall, working at IWP was a great experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a career in national security or international affairs.

Cade Llewellyn
IWP Intern, Fall 2023

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