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The IWP Internship Experience: Elie Imani

Elie Imani

As a Political Science major entering my final year at North Central College, I embarked on an enriching internship at The Institute of World Politics in Spring 2024.

Alongside this hands-on experience, I also got the opportunity to take three courses: Economics for Foreign Policy Makers, Sources of American Political Thought, and Corporate Statecraft and U.S. National Security. These courses have profoundly deepened my understanding of the U.S. government and international affairs, making them some of the best I have ever taken. This experience not only honed my research and media skills but also connected me with a vibrant community of experts and professionals whose insights are unparalleled.

In addition, I worked on faculty-assisted research and media projects. Under the supervision of Dr. David Glancy, I conducted research on the dynamics of Sino-African relations and U.S. diplomatic strategies, and Dr. Glancy prepared me for my impending Sino-African summer research in Nairobi, Kenya. He also tasked me with evaluating a variety of perspectives through U.S. and Chinese news sites, as well as delving extensively into major publications such as John Lenczowski’s Full Spectrum Diplomacy and Grand Strategy.

Our bimonthly strategy discussions were more than just meetings; they were collaborative, thought-provoking sessions that considerably improved my analytical skills, and, most importantly, Dr. Glancy would periodically give me advice on how to live a life in the related profession.

Switching gears to the media side, I worked for Sebastian Smeureanu and contributed to IWP’s media development. My responsibilities ranged from editing and transcribing podcasts about the MENA region to using advanced AI techniques to create effective advertising content. Tools like helped keep the media team’s initiatives coordinated, demonstrating the cutting-edge approach of modern media operations. Mr. Sebastian was a lot of fun, and his extensive experience was like attending a course.

Finally, our intern supervisor, Missy Pratt, required us to attend lecture lunches and outings that allowed me to use my academic knowledge in real-world settings and network with experienced professionals. The IWP community is truly supportive, with a focus on developing interns through direct involvement and exposure to high-caliber expertise. This unique blend of hands-on experience, community involvement, and expert interaction has greatly improved my academic career and equipped me for a bright future in international relations.

Elie Imani
IWP Intern, Spring 2024
From North Central College

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Elie Imani managing the camera at the ISC Conference
Elie Imani managing the video camera at an Intelligence Studies Consortium Conference hosted by IWP