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The IWP Internship Experience: Tom Melia

Tom Melia

My name is Tomas Melia, known as “Tom” at IWP. My internship for The Institute of World Politics was under the Events and Communications department. Fearlessly led by Svetlana Houle, the Events and Communications director, there was never a point in time where I felt underutilized or unwanted. Sarah Dwyer, the Vice President of Events, single-handedly brightened every room with her positivity and mentorship of us interns.

The emphasis in the events and communications department is supporting and coordinating gatherings and promotional activities for students of the school, the general public, and faculty. During my time here, I gained incredible first-hand experience in many different realms. I steamed tablecloths for huge events as well as wrote up the biographies and researched the featured speakers for them. I wrote event summaries that are visible now on the Institute’s website and personally organized several events with D.C. think tanks for our Spring intern cohort. Additionally, things such as video editing and photography are great resume builders and allowed me to break into an unknown passion of mine.

It was this vast range of “on your feet” work as well as using your mind that made this experience the most fascinating and invaluable internship in D.C. One of the main aspects that elevated IWP above a lot of other graduate schools is the current and former practitioners that staff and speak at the school. We had a group of Harvard graduate students stop by one day and they jokingly said that they had met more former intelligence officers here in one day than they had in their four years at Harvard.

I will remember IWP and the lessons I have learned here, and hope to one day return in one form or another.

Tom Melia
Events and Communications Intern, Spring 2024
From Catholic University

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