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Kosciuszko Chair hosts lectures on the Intermarium

Intermarium Jagiellonians EnglishThis academic year, the Kosciuszko Chair is hosting multiple lectures on the Intermarium region, in a series entitled “The Intermarium: The Lands on Edge.”

Please click here for a summary of the first lecture, “What is the Intermarium? Geography and Destiny.”  The next lecture in the series, “Intermarium at Dawn: From its Early history through the Mongol Conquest,” took place on September 21.

Please see below for other upcoming lectures in this series, and please stay tuned for the lectures in Spring 2012.

Intermarium: The Golden Age and the Calamity, XV-XIXth centuries
Wednesday, October 5
2:00 PM 

Intermarium: A False Dawn, 1914-1939
Wednesday, October 19
2:00 PM 

Intermarium: The Armageddon, 1939-1947
Wednesday, November 2
2:00 PM 

Intermarium: Sovietization and Liberation
Wednesday, November 16
2:00 PM

Intermarium: Post-Communism
Wednesday, November 30
2:00 PM 

Intermarium: The Baltics
Wednesday, December 14
2:00 PM