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Prof. Chodakiewicz elaborates on the genocidal character of the Katyn Massacre

In an exchange with diplomatic historian, Professor Emerita Anna Cienciala, Dr. Chodakiewicz has stressed both the genocidal and simultaneously classist nature of the Katyn Massacre of April-May 1940. Katyn constituted a mass slaughter by the Soviet NKVD, on Stalin’s direct orders, of almost 26,000 members of interwar Poland’s multiethnic and multiconfessional elite, including officers, policemen, and teachers. Prof. Chodakiewicz’s comments are a response to Prof. Cienciala’s uncertainty whether Katyn may be classified as a genocide, whether classism was a factor, and whether the crime was an attempt to exterminate Poland’s elites.

The polemic was published in the most recent edition of the Polish scholarly historical journal, Glaukopis (issue 23-24, 2011-2012, pp. 332-336). 

To read the entire exchange, please click here: Download file Cienciala – Chodakiewicz: An Exchange